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Press Releases from 2009

Patients offered chance to shape inherited cancer service


Patients who have benefited from an all-Wales service offering advice about the increased risk of inheriting cancer are being offered the chance to help shape future services.

‘The texting’s on the wall’


On Thursday 24th September a ‘high-tech’ conversation will get underway, but not of the usual kind.

The Evolution Of The Modern Workplace


British trade unionism was not undermined by Margaret Thatcher, but by the dawn of a new, brutally competitive age that weakened it dramatically in the private sector, a major new analysis claims.

New CO2 data helps unlock the secrets of Antarctic formation


The link between declining CO2 levels in the earth’s atmosphere and the formation of the Antarctic ice caps some 34 million years ago has been confirmed for the first time in a major research study.

Patients resigned to a life of pain, new study shows


More than 7.8million UK patients suffer from chronic pain, yet new research reveals pain treatment isn’t working for 95% of them.

MP provides personal perspective of Welsh-Irish connections


One of the key players in the Good Friday Agreement is set to give a very personal perspective on links between Wales and Ireland in an event hosted by Cardiff University's Wales-Ireland Research Network.

Welsh scientist uncovers new Alzheimer’s genes


The discovery of two new genes associated with Alzheimer's disease could provide valuable new leads in the race to find treatments and possibly cures for the devastating condition, according to a leading Cardiff University scientist.

The future of journalism


The crucial issue of the future of journalism in the modern world will be discussed at an international conference to be held at Cardiff University.

New award to honour GPs and Consultants in Wales


A new initiative by Cardiff University has been launched to honour Wales’ best medical supervisor or trainer.

Fast-track Welsh - new course offers speedier route for learners


A new and improved intensive course designed to fast-track Welsh language learners will be launched next month throughout Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan.

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