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Press Releases from 2008

Ballads @ Cardiff


People would once pay a penny or half-penny to listen to one in taverns, homes or fairs. Nowadays people pay thousands just to hear their favourite band perform one.

Pupils across Wales get a taste for University life at Cardiff


More than 100 secondary school pupils from across Wales have been given a taste of studying for the health and legal professions at Cardiff University.

£1.86M project explores uses for renewable fuel by-product


Researchers from Cardiff University are leading a £1.86M project to improve the environmental benefits and economic viability of biodiesel manufacture.

Cardiff University research explores religious teaching within Muslim families


The ways in which children learn about Islam from their family is the focal point of a new research project by Cardiff University.

Cardiff University recognises outstanding individuals with Honorary Fellowships


Cardiff University recognises outstanding individuals with Honorary Fellowships

Music for Lunchtime


Children from the Milton Margai School for the Blind in Sierra Leone are staging a lunchtime performance at Cardiff University tomorrow (8 August) as part of their UK wide ‘Sing Freetown Tour’.

Cardiff University study makes babies’ first steps unforgettable


Cardiff University researchers producing a major record of infant development are inviting mums-to-be to take part in their study.

Making the impossible possible - Cardiff’s new High Performance Computer


Can we work out how the stars formed? How the earth’s crust moves? How to improve treatment for cancer patients? How to date an ancient burial site to within a decade?

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