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TXT Outside

10 February 2012

TXT-Outside web

A new project involving the University which aims to give young people in custody a voice and reconnect them with society is taking place in Cardiff this Saturday (February 11th 2012).

TXTOutside invites the public to interact with messages from young people which will be posted onto the BBC Big Screen situated in the Hayes, Cardiff City Centre, with a film also being made about the event.

The project is a Beacon for Wales collaboration between Dr Ian Grimstead of Cardiff University’s School of Computer Science and Informatics, Glenn Davidson of Artstation and Dr Richard Owen from the Law Department at Glamorgan University and researcher Dr Michael Shepherd.

The TXT2 team are using the medium of text messaging to understand whether giving a group of disenfranchised young people the opportunity to get their voices heard and connect with members of the public can have a positive effect.

Artist Glenn Davidson explained: "We are working with a specific group of young people in custody who have been offered this opportunity to publish their words on the BBC Big Screen. We have held workshops with them to generate statements which will then be screened. We are interested in what these messages invoke in the general passing public; how they respond to the messages and how they feel when they realise they are from marginalised young people.

"The whole project is about giving a voice to these young people who have had a pretty rough deal in their lives. The thinking behind the project is that we might be able to help turn these youngsters around and connect them back into society and make them feel relevant again. We will take the text message and video feedback that we receive from the general public on the day and show the young people in custody the responses we have had. This is breaking new ground and using technology with the goal to change and transform society, texting provides anonymity and no barriers to access.

"We would like to invite everybody to come along on the day and join in, not only to respond to the young people in custody as part of the team’s work, but also to communicate with the gathered crowds."

The TXTOutside event is taking place on Saturday 11 February from 12 - 2pm at the BBC Big Screen in the Hayes, Cardiff.

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