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Tuk Tuk world record attempt

15 August 2012

Tuck Tuck - Main BuildingNick Gough and Rich Sears at Main Building

A Cardiff University graduate, who helped found The Tuk Tuk Educational Trust, has begun the UK leg of a round the world expedition promoting and advancing education.

Nick Gough, a Cardiff graduate BSc Economics (2007) and MSc in International Relations (2008), with Rich Sears will be completing the journey in a tuk tuk (a small, open-sided, three-wheeled vehicle) and are aiming to set the world record for the longest journey in an auto-rickshaw. Cardiff University is supporting the expedition as the main education sponsor. 

Throughout the expedition, the team will be visiting educational and developmental projects, conducting academic research and documenting the whole experience. By raising awareness of the challenge of improving global access to education during their trip, Tuk Tuk Travels is aiming to raise funds for grassroots, community based educational projects.  Supporters of the charity will be able to assign contributions to unique ventures highlighted via short films shot and produced throughout the expedition.  

Sandra Elliott, Director of Communications and International Relations at Cardiff University said:  "Cardiff graduates never fail to inspire, this venture really stands out and the University is delighted to support Tuk Tuk Travels. Cardiff has a long-established tradition of welcoming students from around the world and the tuk tuk will visit many of the countries we welcome our students from. We know the benefits that come from education are vast and that's why we're supporting Tuk Tuk Travels."

Nick Gough, graduate of Cardiff Business School and School of European Studies and co-founder of The Tuk Tuk Educational Trust said: "Education lies at the heart of our endeavour.  We believe that to promote education for all is to empower some of the most vulnerable and marginalised people in society, allowing them achieve their full potential."

Rich Sears, co-founder of The Tuk Tuk Educational Trust said:  "The World’s leaders have made a commitment to achieving universal primary education by 2015 but, despite this pledge, over 61 million primary-aged children worldwide still lack access to any form of education."

Tuk Tuk Travels has already received support from renowned expeditionary, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, who said: "Tuk Tuk Travels is a unique adventure through some of the most challenging and diverse environments, cultures and countries on the planet – it promises to be unmissable viewing."

Actor and human rights champion Joanna Lumley, is also among those who have backed the project. She said: "Inspired lunacy with a heart of gold and the mind of Aristotle - I’m behind Tuk Tuk Travels all the way."

The Tuk Tuk Travels team launched the UK leg of their round the world trip from the British Museum in London before arriving at Cardiff University & will be heading across the UK before travels through Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

The team has elected to travel around the world in a tuk tuk in order to take advantage of its slow-paced, open and friendly nature in order to explore and unlock different cultures and communities, learning about and from their values, struggles, inspirations and ambitions. The vehicle itself is iconic, exhilarating, eye-catching and engaging.

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Date Location
Monday 13th London to Bath
Tuesday 14th Bath to Cardiff
Wednesday 15th Cardiff to Taunton
Thursday 16th Taunton to Land’s End
Friday 17th Land’s End to Sherborne
Monday 20th Sherborne to Oxford
Tuesday 21st Oxford to Manchester
Wednesday 22nd Manchester to Lake District
Thursday 23rd Lake District to Loch Lomond
Friday 24th Loch Lomond to Bonar Bridge
Saturday 25th Bonar Bridge to Fortrose
Sunday 26th Fortrose to St Andrews
Monday 27th St Andrews to Eyemouth
Tuesday 28th Eyemouth to North Yorkshire
Wednesday 29th North Yorkshire to Derby
Thursday 30th Derby to Cambridge
Friday 31st Cambridge to Guildford

Total miles: 2, 586

Following the completion of the UK leg, the Tuk Tuk Travels team will be travelling around the world for 12-14 months, visiting more than 50 countries.

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