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Think without limits

18 December 2009

Think without limits, you CAN speak welsh image

Thousands of people each year start to learn Welsh but for many, the biggest challenge is transferring classroom Welsh into the community.

Think without Limits", based on research in the School of Welsh, offers advice to learners on how to use Welsh outside class, tips to first language speakers on how to help learners use more Welsh and suggestions for tutors on equipping students face the long walk to fluency.

The issues discussed are not unique to Welsh and those learning and teaching languages other than Welsh will glean useful information and find Welsh learners’ comments strikingly familiar.

Lynda Pritchard NewcombeLynda Pritchard Newcombe

The book will interest those concerned for the future of the Welsh language and the role of learners. In the fight to restore the language the role of schools, protestations and media have received considerable attention whereas the part played by adult learners has received little notice. The author, Lynda Pritchard Newcombe, a tutor in the Centre for Welsh for Adults describes the achievements of many learners and argues that more learners would progress to fluency and make a valuable contribution to language promotion if Welsh-speakers were made fully aware of the issues learners face.

"Think without limits: you can speak Welsh" by Lynda Pritchard Newcombe with a foreword by Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson is available from:

the author or 07948218418

the publisher at bookshops