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Place-based workshops begin

06 September 2011

Cardiff University’s Sustainable Places Research Institute (PLACE) and the University Graduate College are organising a series of workshops to form the basis of a new approach to the development of academic research. The aim is to gather knowledge and views on issues of concern to people in their local area and help to guide the future direction of a research agenda linked to that place. 

Dr Leanne Cullen-Unsworth, chair of the first workshop in the series, said: "We believe that involving people in what really matters to them in the development of their local area is key to ensuring that places will be sustainable in the future. We are really excited about bringing people together with policy makers and academics in a new network that can form the basis for action, and to gather knowledge about how participants view possible future developments."

Commenting on how the series will run, Dr Alex Franklin said: "We’re interested in how scientists and communities can work together effectively to address issues of concern to communities. Alex continued: "We will run four workshop style meetings in close succession from September to November 2011. We want to encourage on-going discussion and the development of ideas amongst participants, so participants will be encouraged to attend as many of the meeting as they can."

Details of the workshops are available here: 

Timetable and Outline [232 KB]

For more information on how to get involved contact:

Leanne Cullen-Unsworth:
Alex Franklin:
Or contact the Sustainable Places Research Institute on: 02920 879271

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