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New Master of the Queen's Music

28 July 2014

Judith Weir - 434

Composer Judith Weir has been appointed as Master of the Queen’s Music, the musical equivalent of a Poet Laureate.

Judith has previously been a Distinguished Visiting Professor at the School of Music and has continued to be a regular visitor to Cardiff University. Her most recent visit was earlier this summer when she provided advice and guidance to members of the Cardiff University Contemporary Music Group (CMG) during recording sessions of several of her choral pieces. The CMG recorded four of her pieces, including a world premiere recording of two movements from her song cycle 'Really?'

Dr Robert Fokkens, Lecturer at the School of Music and Director of the CMG said: "Judith's generosity of spirit, integrity, commitment to music-making of all levels, and remarkable, imaginative but undemonstrative musicianship make her an ideal Master of the Queen's Music in my view, and we are enormously privileged to have been able to work with her in various contexts over the past few years."

Judith succeeds Sir Peter Maxwell Davies as Master of the Queen's Music. This is an honorary position conferred on a musician of great distinction. Judith has also just been announced as the BBC Singers’ Associate Composer from 2015.

Dr David Beard, Senior Lecturer at the School of Music, is currently working on the first book dealing with the music of Judith Weir.

Dr Beard said: "When invited to become Distinguished Visiting Professor of Composition in Cardiff University’s School of Music, some years ago, Judith was not required to teach. However, she insisted that she would only take on the role as an active tutor. I think that speaks volumes about Judith’s character and her suitability as an ambassador for a subject that is fighting for survival in our education system. Articulate whether communicating with children, amateurs or professionals, with a vast range of experience across many musical genres, Judith Weir is an ideal Master of the Queen’s Music at precisely the right time."

Judith Weir with CMG students - 415

Judith Weir with Cardiff University Contemporary Music Group (CMG)

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