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Let’s talk environment

10 June 2011


Learn more about how we’re making our University more sustainable -

A new University social media tool that connects members of the public, allowing them to interact and debate what’s important to them about their environment, is being unveiled as part of the annual Wales Biodiversity Week.

The Sustainable Places Research Institute is inviting people to have their voice heard as part of the UVoice project.

Founded by Patricia Baker, sister of Professor Susan Baker from the School of Social Sciences and a Principal Investigator in the Sustainable Place Research Institute, UVoice works both as a mobile app and website.

Professor Baker, School of Social Sciences, said: "UVoice gives people the chance to record their views and tell the community around them what they value most about wildlife and the natural environment.

"As well as voicing opinions, UVoice enables questions to be asked which audiences can respond to, and allows people to share ideas and opinions in an open online forum."

Contributions from the public fed into a major seminar held at the University to coincide with Wales Biodiversity Week.

The seminar saw two of the Research Institute’s leading members – Professor Mike Bruford of the University’s School of Biosciences and Professor Susan Baker of the School of Social Sciences joined by Dr Isabelle Durance Research Fellow at the Institute - draw together different perspectives on biodiversity conservation.

The University’s Sustainable Places Research Institute brings together leading sustainability experts in ten of the University’s Schools to push the boundaries of traditional sustainability research and find solutions to the challenges of diminishing resources and climate change. The work of the Research Institute is championed by its patron Griff Rhys Jones.

As well as undertaking world-leading sustainability research the University is seeking to pursue the principles of sustainable development - both in its engagement with external stakeholders and in the management of its internal operations.

From the University’s environmental management system, measures to save energy and water, recycling our waste and promoting more sustainable transport it’s addressing a wide range of sustainability issues.

The University also holds its annual Sustainability Week – a week of talks, discussions and film screenings involving the whole University community as well as supporting the Welsh Government’s Wales Sustainability Week, joining forces with individuals, organisations and communities across Wales to help create a more sustainable nation.

Anyone interested in the UVoice project can download the free app to their iphone from or

Further information is also available on the Sustainable Places Research Institute website.


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