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Launch of first city brand

19 February 2008

Cardiff & Co Logo

Teams of performers took to the streets of the West End and Canary Wharf to give Londoners a taste of what Cardiff has to offer at the launch of the first-ever brand for the city. The brand was launched simultaneously in Cardiff at the Wales Millennium Centre.

Cardiff University is a stakeholder in Cardiff & Co, the public private body set up to promote the capital.

The launch of the new place brand for Cardiff is a departure from the stereotypical dragons and daffodils of the past. It takes its inspiration from the palette of colours that represent the city - from the greens of its parks to the blues of its waterfront. It has been designed for use as both a static logo and also in an animated digital format.

Developed in consultation with the private and public sectors, the brand will act as a promotional umbrella under which the city can show itself to be an attractive, healthy and sustainable place to live, a progressive and creative place to work, invest and study as well as a leading short-break and shopping destination.

Bill Savage, chairman of Cardiff & Co said: "We are confident that we have created a distinctive brand for Cardiff that has the potential to give the Welsh capital a competitive advantage that will stand out on the world stage.

"The place brand is a banner under which the city can rally to spread our message to the world - our ambitious, young capital can compete with the great cities of the world as a place to live, work, visit, invest and study. The brand has been developed after extensive research and consultation to ensure that it is a tool which the people of Cardiff will be proud to use," he said.