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Food Policy Councils

11 March 2011

Wayne RobertsWayne Roberts

A leading Canadian expert in food security, community empowerment and environmental improvement will visit the University to outline why cities need to consider establishing Food Policy Councils to help secure food security.

In a public lecture, hosted by the School of City and Regional Planning’s Innovation and Engagement Unit, Wayne Roberts - who is the Project Coordinator for the Toronto Food Policy Council - will give an insight into how and why Food Councils work.

Wayne Roberts has devoted his energy to improving economic, social and environmental well-being in Toronto for the past two decades. As a leading member of the City’s Environmental Task Force, he helped develop the Environmental Plan and Food Charter, adopted by the Toronto City Council in 2000 and 2001 respectively.

The Toronto Food Policy Council was established in 1991 in the absence of federal leadership on food security and comprises a citizen body of thirty food experts and activists. For twenty years it has been one of the world’s leading think-tanks promoting city-based food policies and is widely recognised for its innovative approach to supporting social, environmental and economic sustainability.

Roberts has written a weekly column for the Toronto NOW magazine since 1989 on social justice, public health and green economics. The publication also named him one of Toronto’s leading visionaries of the past twenty years. He received the Canadian Environment Award in 2002 for his contributions to sustainable living and was awarded the 2008 Canadian Eco-Hero Award by Planet in Focus.

Urban food production is Roberts' current passion. As project coordinator of the Toronto Food Policy Council, he calls food the ultimate tool for social action. "Food can effect change," he says. "It's one way for people to take independent action."

The public lecture entitled "Food Policy Councils: How they work and why cities need them" takes place on Wednesday 15th March at 5.30pm in committee rooms 1 & 2 of the University’s Glamorgan Building on King Edward VII Avenue in Cardiff. The event is free and open to members of the public.

Please register your attendance via the link below:

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