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Entente cordiale flourishes

28 October 2011

Institute Francaid visit Web

Adult French language provision at Cardiff has been praised by visitors from France’s official centre for language and culture in the UK

Language education at the Centre for Lifelong Learning was the subject of a visit by the Institut Français, the French government body for language and culture in the UK.

The Centre has been working with the Institut for more than ten years to ensure that our French courses match the criteria of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

This was an occasion for the Centre to show the Institut the wide range of French language courses on offer as well as the state-of-the-art language teaching facilities. In exchange, the Institut launched their new online platform, Culturethèque, aimed at all Francophile students.

The Centre provides part-time courses from absolute beginners to very advanced levels. Courses are taught both in the daytime and the evenings to cater for the needs of everyone who wants to learn French in Cardiff and beyond. Students are able obtain French DELF and DALF diplomas through these courses.

Dr Catherine Chabert, French co-ordinating lecturer at the Centre said: "Over the years, we have noticed an increasing local interest in foreign language learning. It’s as if, once they are adults, people then see the point of learning a language. Their motivations vary, from gaining a qualification for their CV, enjoying the challenge and pleasures derived from being able to speak another language, to improving their awareness of cultural differences."

Axelle Oxborrow, UK co-ordinator for the French diplomas recognised by the French Ministry of Education (the DELF and DALF) commented: "Your facilities at the Centre are very good. You have two state-of-the-art language laboratories which many language centres would envy and the atmosphere in your classrooms seems naturally conducive to active communication. I am really impressed by the Centre’s strong provision of language programmes."

Gaëlle Robin, the Director of the Language Centre at the Institut Français, launching the online platform Culturethèque, said: "As long as you are a UK resident, you can access this online platform for free. We have e-books, films and audio documents, carefully selected and accessible from the comfort of your home. There is no equivalent anywhere else in the world."

Caption: Dr Catherine Chabert from Cardiff Centre for Lifelong Learning is pictured (centre) with Gaëlle Robin and Axelle Oxborrow from the Insitut Francais.