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Detox your mailbox

15 May 2013

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Over the next fortnight all staff are being encouraged to detox their email account and delete any messages, particularly those with attachments, that are no longer required. Here Chief Operating Officer Hugh Jones tells us why this initiative is so important.

Since joining the University I’ve learnt a great deal about how we manage and store data. Whilst mailbox management and information security might not sound like the most riveting of subjects, their role in the day to day life of our organisation is critical.

For most of us email has become a fundamental aspect of our daily lives. It is a key communication tool – many would say an overused tool, but a critical one nevertheless. However, with so many messages flying in and out of our mailboxes it’s easy to get bogged down.

I was shocked when I discovered just how many messages and how much data is currently stored in our email system. There are currently more than 116 million emails stored across the University. That’s a 640 million page word document and if you were to print off those pages and stack them up the pile would almost reach the tip of Everest.

The Detox your Mailbox initiative aims to help address this storage issue as well as looking at email overload more generally. It aims to encourage all of us to address how much data we’re personally storing in our emails by looking at the current size of our mailbox and then taking quick and easy steps to delete emails and attachments.

To give you a rough idea of where you sit in terms of the size of your mailbox, the average mailbox size is 1GB and ideally everyone should aim for a 2GB limit.

Of course for some people reducing their mailbox size to the recommended amount will not be possible and we do not want people to delete emails and attachments that they may need in the future. Advice on distinguishing what messages and files can easily be deleted is available on the detox website.

And so I would encourage you all to take a look at the Detox your Mailbox website - and ask that you set aside some time over the next fortnight to give your mailbox a refresh.

For those of you currently storing a particularly large amount of data then further advice and guidance is available from the email detox team. If you would like to arrange a visit from a member of the team email

Other advice available as part of the campaign includes tips on how to manage your email and also what to consider when sending an email.

I hope to be able to update you on the great progress made in this area in a later edition of Blas.

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