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Career development for researchers

26 November 2008

The University has declared its commitment to a national strategy for research staff development with a day-long conference on researchers’ careers.

The Research Staff Conference, held at Cardiff City Hall, was addressed by Professor Sir Ivor Crewe, chair of the implementation steering group for the new national Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers.

Sir Ivor told the audience that the Concordat was based on the principles of recruiting and retaining the best researchers, recognising and valuing their work and providing them with support and career development.

He added: "Researchers have also got a responsibility themselves to seek out opportunities to widen their skills. Here at Cardiff there are obviously a large number of opportunities to do that."

Professor Terry Rees, Cardiff University Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research, emphasised the importance of the effective implementation of the Concordat and spoke of those Concordat principles which are already integrated into the structures of the University. They are also being built into the training of research managers, and awareness is being raised with senior School staff and principal investigators.

During the course of the day, researchers participated in sessions on relationships with principal investigators, research staff networks, and taking control of their careers

More information on training and development opportunities for research staff can be found at: