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Cardiff signs-up to share research expertise

15 December 2008

The University has joined forces with leading consultancy company Mott MacDonald to share and promote consultancy, engineering and research expertise.

The new joint working arrangement could see the University and Mott MacDonald working jointly on a range of initiatives in sectors including health, sustainability, housing, transport, and water with the potential for project sponsorship, skills transfer, specialist advice, staff exchange and specialist research.

Derek Jones, Director of Business and Strategic Partnerships said: "This is a very exciting development to be able to sign a joint working arrangement with one of the world's leading management and engineering consultancies.

"This arrangement will enable Cardiff University and Mott MacDonald to share their extensive skills, knowledge and research capability in delivering management and engineering projects in all parts of the world. It will take our existing relationships a big step further.

"While much of the initial focus for the arrangement will be on the exchange of skills and joint working in the engineering fields, with so many other areas of common interest - including health, education, transport, regeneration and housing - we are confident that the agreement can be much further developed enabling heightened impacts from our leading research."

Cardiff University and Mott MacDonald are already working jointly on a number of existing projects including a health, socio-economic and environmental impact assessment project with Carmarthenshire County Council, Carmarthenshire Local Health Board and the Public Health Service. The study will help raise awareness of the benefits that a major housing regeneration programme in Carmarthenshire will have on the community.

Guy Leonard, Mott MacDonald's Group Board Director said: "This new partnership will help us forge a strong, mutually beneficial relationship between the two organisations. Businesses and universities have a huge amount to learn from each other. Mott MacDonald stands to learn from Cardiff University's pioneering research, and the University aims to gain from the opportunity to exchange expertise with and obtain practical feedback from business professionals at Mott MacDonald."

Ian Holt, Mott MacDonald's Associate Director for the initiative, added: "The combined knowledge and thinking made possible by this initiative with Cardiff University will help us to deliver new visions and provide insightful advice to our clients, which in turn will empower them to gain a competitive advantage."

The arrangement was formally signed by Cardiff University and Mott MacDonald this week with representatives meeting the First Minister, Rhodri Morgan AM, to discuss how Mott MacDonald and Cardiff University can help support the Welsh economy.