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Cardiff honours leading computer scientist

08 February 2011

Professor Donald KnuthProfessor Donald Knuth (left) with Professor Roger Whitaker

One of the world’s most influential computer scientists has been awarded an honorary title from Cardiff University.

Professor Donald Knuth, often referred to as the "father of algorithm analysis", was presented with a Distinguished Honorary Professorship from the School of Computer Science and Informatics at a sell out lecture held at the University on Thursday 3 February.

The author of numerous books and Professor Emeritus of The Art of Computing Programming at Stanford University, Professor Knuth is considered a true expert in his field. His software systems TeX and MF are extensively used for book publishing throughout the world.

Whilst not common practice for a computer scientist, Professor Knuth hasn’t had an email address since 1990, a decision he made so he might concentrate on his work.

He has won multiple awards including the National Medal of Science, an honour bestowed by the President of the United States to individuals in science and engineering who have made important contributions to the advancement of knowledge, and the Kyoto Prize, Japan’s highest private award for global achievement.

Professor Knuth was in Cardiff to deliver the annual Turing Lecture, which was established in honour and recognition of Alan Turing’s contribution to the world of computing.

Speaking of his delight at welcoming Professor Knuth to Cardiff, Head of the School of Computer Science and Informatics Professor Roger Whitaker said:

"We’re thrilled to have been able to welcome Professor Knuth to Cardiff and to hear more about his work, which is a true inspiration to so many within our field. We are honoured that he has accepted our Honorary Professorship in recognition of his contribution to the world of computer science and his rightful place at the very pinnacle of academia. "

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