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Cardiff helps mark 90 years of UK universities

04 December 2008

The achievement of a machine developed by the Manufacturing Engineering Centre has featured in a new book which provides a glimpse of the enormous scope of the achievements and workings across the University sector in the UK.

Scientists at the Centre developed technology so sophisticated that it was able to drill holes less than half the width of a human hair. It is just one of the 90 amazing facts about UK universities contained in a new booklet published by Universities UK to mark 90 years of UK universities. The Manufacturing Engineering Centre’s achievement appeared in the Guinness World Records listed under the entry for ‘smallest hole drilled’.

The Manufacturing Engineering Centre focuses on manufacturing research and links with industry. The Centre conducts world-class multidisciplinary research and development in key areas of advanced manufacturing and information technology, and uses the results to develop technologies for partners in the manufacturing sector to help them compete successfully in existing and new markets.

90 out of 90: A window into the UK’s universities provides 90 surprising facts about universities, reflecting the diverse and ever-changing sector today. An accompanying timeline also provides a plotted history of Universities UK and the higher education sector, marking the key events that produced the current shape and organisation.

Universities UK is a membership organisation representing 133 universities across the UK.

Diana Warwick, Chief Executive of Universities UK, said: "In 2008, Universities UK’s 90th year, there has been much to celebrate. Far from sitting back and resting as we approach our 10th decade, we’ve been busier than ever. Throughout the year, Universities UK has promoted the work of the UK’s universities, campaigning on a variety of subjects that concern them. In the years to come we will continue to work to support a flourishing sector, preparing for whatever changes to the shape of higher education the future will undoubtedly bring."