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Boosting Welsh Information literacy

28 April 2011

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The second phase of a University project to develop the nation’s information literacy has won Welsh Assembly Government funding.

The Welsh Information Literacy Project is a national initiative based in the Information Services Directorate, aiming to promote the understanding and development of information literacy in education, the workplace, and the wider community in Wales.

The Project’s success and value has ben demonstrated by securing funding of almost £60,000 for its second phase from the Welsh Assembly Government’s CyMAL: Museums, Archives and Libraries Wales division.

The Project raises awareness of information literacy as a key skill in the 21st century, one which will contribute to a whole host of social and academic benefits throughout Wales. The first phase attracted significant praise and positive engagement across education and library sectors.

The first phase successfully delivered all its objectives. These included:

· Establishing an overarching statement on information literacy in Wales;

· Creating a report on information literacy provision across library sectors in Wales; and

· Producing an Information Literacy Framework for Wales, taking into account skills and competences for all levels of learners. The Framework is available for public consultation on the project website until 26th April.

Phase two of the Project runs until the end of March 2012. The agreed objectives include:

· Creating information literacy units of learning which are formally recognised and accredited to wider learning pathways;

· Supporting information literacy advocacy in schools;

· Analysing information literacy in the workplace;

· Developing information literacy through the digital inclusion agenda.

"The success of the Welsh Information Literacy Project so far, and the continued funding support of CyMAL, illustrates how important these skills are to the Welsh economy," said Janet Peters, Director of University Libraries. "The success of the initial phase of the project reinforces Cardiff University’s national and international reputation for information literacy, and we look forward to seeing what benefits the second phase of the project will bring to the whole of Wales."

Joy Head, Information Literacy Officer for Wales, based in Cardiff University’s Information Services Directorate, added: "We are really encouraged by the success of the first phase and inspired by the new objectives for phase two, which will further develop and support information literacy training in education and the workplace. It is very exciting to be working in an area which will have a direct and significant impact on the lives of individuals throughout Wales."

For more information, visit the Welsh Information Literacy Project website.

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