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Attracting the best minds

08 February 2011

Professor Sir Martin EvansProfessor Sir Martin Evans

The University’s President is urging some of the most promising students to consider new financial scholarships on-offer in a bid to retain and attract the best minds to the University.

Professor Sir Martin Evans’ call comes as the second round of the University’s flagship President’s Research Scholarships are rolled out.

Sir Martin Evans, President of Cardiff University, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2007 for his pioneering research into embryonic stem cells, said: "Cardiff University’s President’s Research Scholarships offer outstanding students the financial support needed to continue their postgraduate research studies.

"In the current economic climate, students could be thinking twice about continuing their studies. These scholarships are designed to ensure that lack of funds do not become a barrier to continuing cutting-edge postgraduate research."

The President’s Research Scholarships were established to coincide with the inauguration of Professor Sir Martin Evans as Cardiff University’s new President in 2010.

The scholarships are designed to attract students seeking to work on exciting and challenging projects in dynamic and well-resourced research environments under the supervision of successful and established researchers.

The scholarships are targeted at the highest quality candidates.

The first 38 students have already joined the University, the majority of them from the UK but including outstanding students from countries worldwide. Areas already under investigation include the ice sheets in past eras of global warming and the effect of environmental change on the Severn Estuary.

Many other projects tackle issues of sustainability. They include decarbonising the power sector, planning in Sub-Saharan Africa and biofuels production.

Health projects include new therapeutics for breast cancer and imaging of functions in the brain cortex. Other students are investigating issues around multiculturalism and national identity.

"Cardiff University is home to some of the world’s leading experts in medicine, sustainability, climate change and the humanities. The President’s Scholarships offer students from the UK and across the world an opportunity to conduct pioneering research with the support of some of the world’s leading academics in their field," said Sir Martin.

"We should ensure that the best minds come to Wales. From helping to tackle climate change, developing new drugs for patients, creating new and sustainable ways of producing food, to understanding the implications of multiculturalism – these Scholars are helping push the boundaries of research," he added.

In all, there are 11 programmes, providing President Research Scholarship opportunities, involving the Schools of Earth and Ocean Sciences, Biosciences, Psychology, City and Regional Planning, Engineering, Optometry and Vision Sciences, Chemistry, Social Sciences, Law, Pharmacy, Medicine, European Studies, History, Archaeology and Religion, Computer Sciences and English, Communication and Philosophy.

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