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Adverse weather conditions

18 January 2013

adverse weather warning signUpdated information for staff and students can be found here

Advice for staff

The University will ensure that the University estate is kept as safe as possible. Staff are advised to wear footwear appropriate for snow and ice and take great care when travelling across the University estate, whether on foot or by car.

Staff are encouraged to use public transport whenever possible

Staff should contact their manager for advice and ensure that their School or Directorate is kept informed of any problems that prevent attendance at work.

The University has a large travel to work area and managers and staff will need to use reasonable discretion and take different decisions depending on which areas are particularly affected by snow. Decisions should take into consideration the snow fall, where people live and any relevant disability /mobility issues e.g. if there is heavy snowfall in the valleys north of Cardiff or along the M4 corridor to the west, staff living in that direction may be released earlier than those living in the city.

Legislation relating to staff with dependants (as explained in the University's Dependant’s Leave scheme (p13 of Work Life Balance scheme) allows those with dependants to take time off as a means to deal with an immediate crisis, sudden or unexpected circumstances. This should be applied if the School/Nursery or Day Care Centre of an employee’s child/dependant is closed unexpectedly.

Staff unable to get to work because of lack of public transport or road closure or due to their own mobility/disability issues that have been exacerbated by the weather, may, with the permission of the Head/Director and depending on the nature of their job, work from home, make the time up within an agreed period or agree to take a day's leave. When conditions are poor but not adverse enough to require closure, consideration should be given to requests from staff to leave early e.g. if they have a particularly long journey or have mobility problems. The decision to allow staff to leave early is at the reasonable discretion of the Head of School/Directorate or their nominated representative. Normally in these circumstances staff concerned are required to make time up at a later date.

Advice for students

Examinations scheduled for Friday January 18 will run as normal. Examinations scheduled for 9am will instead start at 9:30am to allow for travel. No other changes to start times have been made. If you are experiencing travel difficulties please report the circumstances in writing to your academic school.

Students should expect examinations to run as planned next week. Students will be informed directly, via their University email and by text, should it be necessary to change examination arrangements. Follow the University on twitter and Facebook for further information

Weather updates

Updates on the changing weather conditions are available on the Met Office website:


Regular road travel updates are available at the Traffic Wales website:

Advice on public services, including bus services, in the City of Cardiff are available at:

Information on train services are also available at: