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Clinical research excellence

04 December 2007

Researchers at Cardiff University have been awarded UK Clinical Research Collaboration registered status.

The School of Medicine’s South East Wales Trial Unit (SEWTU) has successfully undertaken the new UK Clinical Research Collaboration (UKCRC) Clinical Trials Unit registration process. The scheme aims to build on the quality and quantity of available expertise to carry out clinical trials and other well-designed studies in the UK.

Many medical advances which are now taken for granted, such as the use of insulin for diabetics, required years of clinical trials research. The South East Wales Trial Unit brings together the experts needed to run a clinical trial, including clinicians, trial managers and statisticians. This expertise is used to design, coordinate and analyse multi-centre clinical trials, ensuring that they are conducted in line with appropriate standards and regulations.

Dr Kerry Hood, Director of SEWTU said: "We are all delighted with this award, which demonstrates the massive strides undertaken by the Unit since its creation just over a year ago. It speaks volumes for the quality and consistency of the work being undertaken by a team of skilled and dedicated staff.

"We are also pleased to be collaborating even more closely with the UK Clinical Research Collaboration, which will allow us to access to a national organisation striving to promote world-leading clinical research."

The award process, coordinated by the UK Clinical Research Network Coordinating Centre, requires the South East Wales Trial Unit to be capable of centrally coordinating multi-centre clinical trials and other well-designed studies, taking overall responsibility for the design, recruitment, data management, publicity and analysis of a trial.

The Unit plans to hold an event on 29 February 2008 at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff showcasing many aspects of their work.