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Postgraduate Research Students - Past and Present

Current Students

Last Name First Name Thesis Title Supervisor Second Supervisor
AbdullahAl-Qazilchy Kawa AzaAn Efficient Algorithm to Solve the Weighted and Unweighted Total Tardiness Problem on a Single Machine and Its Application in a Branch and Bound AlgorithmDr J ThompsonDr R Lewis
Alayyash Khulud Deformation and Collapse in Cellular Structures of Non-linear Elastic MaterialDr A MihaiProfessor T N Phillips
Ali Waleed Theoretical and Computational Fluid DynamicsDr C DaviesProfessor T N Phillips
Alrajhi Khaled Forecasting Financial and Economic Time Series using Multivariate Singular Spectrum AnalysisDr J Thompson
Croft Thomas Greedy Algorithms and the Proper Generalized Decomposition for PDE'sProf T N PhillipsProf M Marletta
Dadechev Boris Semi-Supervised Learning for Document and Image Classification for Security Printing and Imaging ApplicationsProf A Balinsky
Davies Gareth Examination of Approaches to Weighting for Non-Response and Calibration to known totals in Longitudinal Surveys of HouseholdsProf A ZhigljavskyDr J Gillard
EmbacherPeterA Novel Passage from Particles to PDEs far from EquilibriumDr N Dirr
Evans James Analytical Techniques for PDEs on Thin Structures and their application for the design of MetamaterialsDr K CherednichenkoDr M Cherdantsev
FilaliDoaaProperties of the Carnot-Caratheodory DistanceDr F DragoniDr K M Schmidt
Hardy Bradley Preventative Maintenance Interval EstimationDr R LewisDr J Thompson
Hill Sally Problems related to the Theory of NumbersDr M LettingtonDr K M Schmidt
HumphreysDavidProblems in Number TheoryDr M LettingtonProf M Huxley
JamaAhmedNon-linear Partial Differential EquationsDr F DragoniDr N Dirr
Kerss Alexander Fractal Activity time Models for Risky assets with long range dependanceProf N Leonenko
Lewis Edward Development of Lattice Boltzmann Models for Complex FluidsProf T N PhillipsDr M Blount
LewisMatthewSpectral Theory of Differential OperatorsDr K M Schmidt
MacKayAlexHydrodynamicsProf T Phillips
McKenzie Ross Improving Structural Analysis for Differential-Algebraic Equation SystemsProf J PryceProf M Marletta
Mohammed Dilbak Lattices and Cutting PlanesDr I Aliev
Moore StephenNon-Commutative GeometryProfessor D E EvansDr M Pugh
MorganScottHydrodynamic Stability Theory and Transition to Turbulence in Boundary LayersDr C Davies
Padungwech Wasin Arc Routing ProblemDr J ThompsonDr R Lewis
PalmerGeraintOR and Healthcare ModellingProf P HarperDr V Knight
PhillipsTomosUnbounded Positive Definite Functions and their Applications in Probability, Statistics and Experimental DesignProf A ZhigljavskyDr K M Schmidt
Ramage Alexander Modelling and Simulation of Laminar and Turbulent Boundary LayersDr C DaviesDr N Savva
Rowlatt Christopher Modelling Flow of Complex Fluids using the Immersed Boundary MethodProf T N Phillips
Rowse Elizabeth Operating Theatre ManagementProfessor P Harper
Shone Robert Hybrid Game Theory and Queuing System ModellingDr V KnightProf P R Harper
Symons Frederick On the Uniqueness of the Coefficients in Mixed Physics ProblemsProf M MarlettaProf B M Brown
TurnerNinaApplication of FSI to problems in BiomedicineProf T Phillips
Walters Michael Bubble Dynamics in non-newtonian FluidsProf T N PhillipsDr A Mihai
YoungJasonMarkov Decision Process within the Healthcare EnvironmentProf P HarperDr V Knight

Past Students

Last Name First Name Thesis Title Supervisor Second Supervisor Award Date
Ahmed Muhammed Approximation of Quadratic Numerical Range of Block Operator MatricesProf M Marletta2012
Alzahrani Faris Differential equations for relation processesProf A R DaviesDr K M Schmidt2013
Baber Jack Healthcare ModellingProf J D Griffiths2008
Bakeerathan Gunaratnam Long Memory Processes of LINNIK type and related topicsProf N Leonenko2008
Batistatou Evridiki A method for the streamlined analysis of pooled genotype data in SNP-based association studiesProf A A Zhigljavsky2005
Burgmann Andreas Convergence of Spectra and the failure of classical homogenization for one-dimensional high-contrast problemsProf S Hollands2010
Claus Suzanne Numerical Simulation of Complex Viscoelastic Flows using Discontinuous Galerkin Spectral/hp Element MethodsProf T N Phillips2013
Fathi Bayda Gradient optimization algorithms with fast convergance ratesProf A A Zhigljavsky2013
Fetta Angelico Investigating Social Networks with Agent Based Simulation and Link Prediction MethodsProf P R HarperDr J E Williams/Dr V Knight2014
Ghodsi Mansoureh Analysis of the Effect of Genotyping errors on Large-scale studies in Medical GeneticsDr K M SchmidtDr V Moskvina2012
Gillard Jonathan Errors-in-Variables Regression - What is The Appropriate Model?Mr T C IlesDr J M Thompson2008
Goodman Melissa Meta-heuristic Models for Scheduling ProblemsDr J M ThompsonDr K Dowsland2008
Goulding Neil Wavlet Regularization and the Continuous Relaxation SpectrumProf A R DaviesProf A A Zhigljavsky2011
Graham Neil Power-Free Values of PolynomialsDr G R H Greaves2006
Guns Paul Instabilities in bounday-layer flows over short compliant panelsDr C DaviesProf M Marletta2012
Hamilton Emily The Use of Extreme Value Theory for Making Statistical Inference About Endpoint of Distributions, with Applications in Global Optimization and MeterologyProf A A Zhigljavsky2009
Hassani Hossein Development of the Theoretical and Methodological Aspects of the SSA and its ApplicationsProf A A Zhigljavsky2010
Haycroft Rebecca Investigation into the rate of convergence of gradient-type optimisation algorithms via the theory of optimum experimental designProf A A ZhigljavskyDr V Savani2008
Heaney Claire Numerical Simulation of wavepackets in a transitional boundary layerDr C Davies2007
Hiscox Aaron Non-relativistic analysis of Regge polesProf M MarlettaProf B M Brown2012
Holborn Penny Heuristics for Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problems with Pickups and Deliveries and Time WindowsDr J M ThompsonDr R Lewis2013
Holland Jan Quantum Field Theory and the Operator Product ExpansionProf S HollandsDr C Jaekel2014
Howell Gareth Theoretical StatisticsProf A A Zhigljavsky2011
Howie Moira Topics in the Theory of Arithmetic FunctionsDr G R H Greaves2007
Hoyt Daniel Topics in Operator Algebras and Twisted K-TheoryDr D E Evans2004
Hughes Daniel Spectral Analysis of Dirac Operators under Integrability ConditionsDr K M SchmidtProf T N Phillips2013
JonesMari Modelling Hospital QueuesProf J D GriffithsDr J E Williams2009
Jones Matthew Analysing Multi-Stage Group Testing Methods and Competing Extimators in Multi-Centre Trials with Pharmaceutical ApplicationsProf A A Zhigljavsky2003
Knight Vincent Alternating Sign MatricesDr R BehrendDr G R H Greaves2009
Komenda Izabela Modelling Critical Care Unit Activities through Queueing TheoryProf J D GriffithsDr V Knight2013
Kynch Ross Numerical Investigation of Sedimentation in Viscoelastic fluids using Spectral Eelement MethodsProf T N Phillips2013
Lawson Zoe Modelling the Progression of Treatment Scenarios in the HIV/AIDS epidemicProf J D GriffithsDr J E Williams2006
Leiler Gregor The Boltzmann Collision Equation in Expanding UniversesProf S Hollands2010
Leonenko Ganna Transient solution to the M/Ek/1 queueing systemProf J D GriffithsDr J E Williams2006
Lettington Matthew Some Problems in the Theory of NumbersProf M N Huxley2009
Lewis Meirion Groups requiring many GeneratorsDr J Wiegold2001
Lind Stephen Growth and Collapse of Cavitation Bubbles in Visoelastic FluidProf T N Phillips2010
Mohammad Nassir Statistical Modelling of Natual Images and Compressive SamplingProf A BalinskyProf N Leonenko2011
Olbermann Heiner Quantum field theory via vertex algebrasProf S Hollands2010
Omer Hardi On the Effect of Outlier(s) on the Singular Spectrum Analysis TechniqueProf. A ZhigljavskyDr Hossein Hassani2012
Parr David A comparison of solution methods for the nurse scheduling problemDr J M ThompsonDr J E Williams2004
Petherick Stuart Fractel activity time risky asset models with dependenceProf N LeonenkoProf A A Zhigljavsky2012
Plunkett-Levin Shaunna Problems Related to Lattice Points in the Integer PlaneProf M N Huxley2012
Price-Lloyd Naomi Stochastic Models for an Intensive Care UnitProf J D GriffithsDr J E Williams2004
Pugh Mathew The Isling Model and BeyondDr D E Evans2009
Reis Timothy The Extension of the Lattice Botzmann Method of Visoelastic Fluid FlowsProf T N Phillips2007
Robl Florian Particle Content in Thermal Quantum Field TheoriesDr C JaekelProf S Hollands2012
Russo Giancarlo Spectral Elements Method for free surface and viscoelastic flowsProf T N Phillips2010
Salmon Rachel Prof J D Griffiths2003
Savani Vippal Time Series Analysis Investigating Long Range Dependence with Application to Change Point Detection ProblemProf A A Zhigljavsky2006
Shelly Claire Type III Subfactors and Planor AlgebrasDr D E EvansDr M Pugh2013
Silvestri Benedetto Differential equations for relaxation processesProf V Burenkov2008
Smith Leanne Modelling Emergency Medical ServicesProf P R HarperDr J E Williams2013
Taylor Lisa Post-enrolment Based Course TimetablingDr J M ThompsonDr R Lewis4/14
Togneri Michael A High-Order finite difference investigation of boundary layer perturbationsDr C Davies2011
Traverso Luca Mixed finite Element and Stochastic Galerkin Methods for Groundwater Flow ;Modelling:Efficiency Analysis and Real-Life applicationProf T N PhillipsDr Y Yang2011
Verdiev Timor Extension Theorems for Spaces with Generalized Smoothness Defined on Degenerate DomainsProf V Burenkov2004
Voake Cheryl Modelling Trauma Hip Fracture Hospital ActivitiesProf J D GriffithsDr J E Williams2012
Vronskaya Maria Stochastic Optimization in Statistics with Applications to Designing Clinical TrialsProf A A ZhigljavskyDr K M Schmidt2013
Williams Julie Time-dependent Stochastic Modelling for Prediciting Demand and Scheduling of Emergency Care Services Incorporating Meteorlogical EffectsProf P R HarperDr J Gillard2013
Wood Richard Modelling Activities at a Neurological Rehabilitation UnitProf J D GriffithsDr J E Williams2011
Zheng Yu Numerical Simulation of Droplet Deformation using Spectral Element MethodsProf T N PhillipsProf P J Bowen2007