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Choosing Your Degree

The School of Mathematics offers a large number of degree schemes as follows:

Single Honours

G100 / G103 BSc Mathematics (3 Year / with Year In Europe)
G120 / G111 / G900

BSc Mathematics and Its Applications

(3 Year / With Placement Year / With Year In Europe)

G991 / G990 / GG23

BSc Mathematics, Operational Research and Statistics

(3 Year / With Placement Year / With Year In Europe)

G101 / G104 MMath Mathematics (4 Year / With Year In Europe)

Joint Honours

FG31 BSc Mathematics and Physics
GG14 / IG11

BSc Computing and Mathematics

(3 year /with Placement Year)


BA French and Mathematics

(4 Years including Year In Europe)


BA German and Mathematics

(4 Years including Year In Europe)

GV15 BA Philosophy and Mathematics
GW13 / GW31

BA Music and Mathematics

(3 Years / with Year In Europe)

VG61 BA Mathematics and Religious Studies
QG51 BA Mathematics and Welsh

It can be a little confusing as to which degree scheme to apply for. However there is no reason to worry because our students are free to transfer between degree schemes during their studies. In general, G100 / G103 are those who want a broad mathematics degree, G120/G111/G900 are those who wish to place a greater emphasis on the practical applications of Maths and G991/G990/GG23 are for those with a particular interest in statistics and operational research.

The MMath degrees are for those who want to delve deeper in the areas of Pure and Applied Mathematics. The first year of the various single honours degree schemes are broadly the same so students are free to transfer at the end of the first year. For joint honours students, they can normally transfer to single honours Mathematics at the end of year 1 if they are performing strongly.

Similarly many applicants may not be sure whether they wish to do a Placement year or spend a year in Europe as part of their degrees. This is not a problem as you can change your degree scheme as your preference becomes clearer. Indeed you are only committed to a Placement year once you sign a contract with a company.