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University and School Open Days

University Open Days

The university holds open days four times each year giving you the opportunity to get a first-hand experience of the city, university and department. You will have the opportunity to meet current students, speak to admissions tutors, see the Students’ Union and accommodation, tour the city and attend various talks. For more information please go to the following link:

School Open Days

The School of Maths holds a series of open days for applicants. These are normally on Wednesday afternoons, though some will take place on a Saturday, and run from mid-November to Easter. Only applicants to whom we expect to make an offer are invited, other than a small number of applicants with non-traditional qualifications who may be invited for a formal interview. Applicants are welcome to bring parents with them if they wish, a separate program is available for parents.

Our Open Days begin with lunch and then a series of talks are given to applicants and parents covering admissions, accommodation, careers, placements etc. Applicants are then given tours of the School of Mathematics and the Students Union as well as a research talk and a description of the degree schemes. Parents are welcome to attend a parents panel which as well as discussing the financial aspects of university life, gives the opportunity to quiz some current students on all aspects of being a student in Maths at Cardiff University.

Applicants to Computing and Maths and Maths and Physics have the opportunity to study both departments on particular dates. Separate open days are provided for   Maths and Humanities joint honours students – see link for details.