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SIAM Chapter Meetings 2014-2015


These meetings take place in Room M/2.06, Senghennydd Road, Cardiff, from 3pm, unless otherwise stated. Everyone is welcome to attend. If you wish to give a talk, please email

24th February 2015

Speaker: Peter Harman (ESI Group, CyDesign Labs, UK)

Title: The Modelica modelling language.

Abstract: Modelica is an open-standard modelling language, developed since 1996 by the Modelica Association and implemented in a range of commercial and open-source modelling tools. Key concepts of the language are that it is equation-based, object-oriented and is specifically design to support multi-domain models, such as mixtures of mechanical, electrical, fluid and thermal systems. This has made it popular in automotive, motorsport and power generation industries. This talk will describe how the language has become a key technology in engineering and the symbolic and numerical mathematical techniques that makes it both powerful and easy to use.