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Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminars 2008 - 2009


These seminars take place on Tuesdays, in Room M/2.06, Senghennydd Road, Cardiff from 3pm, unless otherwise stated.

When a seminar is not scheduled there is a collaborative workshop with other groups within the College of Physical Sciences & Engineering or a SIAM Chapter Meeting. Further details can be found on the School Diary.

Yield stress

23 September 2008, 3pm

Speaker: Ken Walters (Aberystwyth).

Instabilities in polymer processing

11 November 2008, 3pm

Speaker: Tim Reis (UCL).

Streaks and stripes: applying linear equations to nonlinear turbulence

25 November 2008, 3pm

Speaker: Sergei Chernyshenko (Imperial).

Re-entrant corner behaviour of some common viscoelastic fluids

2 December 2008, 3pm

Speaker: Jonathan Evans (Bath).

Large-amplitude self-excited oscillations in 3D collapsible tubes -theory and computations

27 January 2009, 3pm

Speaker: Matthias Heil (Manchester).

Computational blood flow

17 February 2009, 4 pm

Speaker: P. Nithiarasu (Swansea).

Bifurcations in flow through a suddenly expanding pipe

10 March 2009, 4 pm

Speaker: James Seddon (Manchester/Twente).