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Dr Jonathan Thompson


Dr Jonathan Thompson Position: Admissions Tutor Email:
Telephone: +44(0)29 208 75524
Fax: +44(0)29 208 74199
Extension: 75524
Location: M/0.27

Research Interests

Graph theoretic modelling

Meta-heuristics - particularly ant systems, genetic algorithms, simulated annealing

Scheduling problems - examination scheduling, sports fixture scheduling, manpower planning

Research Group

Operational Research



Undergraduate - Autumn Semester
MA0358 Mathematical Programming

Postgraduate - Autumn Semester
MAT001 OR Methods

Administrative Duties

Admissions Tutor

Year One Director of Studies

Marketing of Degree schemes

Prospectus (undergraduate)

University Open Day co-ordinator

Chair of Schools Admissions Committee

Member of School Management Board

Member of School Learning and Teaching Committee

Member of School IT committee

Member of School Staff/Student Panel

Member of Statistics / OR Subject Panel




External Funding Since 2000

Two projects with The Office of National Statistics to investigate the Cell Suppression Problem (2005 and 2006).

Major Conference Talks Since 2004

2007 – The Operational Research Society Conference, Edinburgh, UK – The Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem

2006 – The Operational Research Society Conference, Bath, UK – GRASP for the nurse scheduling problem

2004 - Combinatorial Optimisation, Lancaster, UK - Ants for graph colouring

Postgraduate Students

Graduated (Since 2000)

Nick Pugh – Ants for Examination Timetabling (2004)

David Parr – A comparison of solution methods for the nurse scheduling problem (2004)

Steven Casey – A comparison of methods for the examination timetabling problem (2005)

Max Wallace – The Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem (2007)

Melissa Goodman –Construction-Based Metaheuristics for Personnel Scheduling problems (2008)

Vicky Reynish – An Investigation into the University Timetabling Problem (2008)

Penny Holborn - Optimisation Method for Dynamic Operational Research Problems (2013)

Lisa Taylor


Mr Bradley Hardy

Mr Wasin Padungwech


PhD – The examination scheduling problem, Swansea University (1995)

Previous Positions

Lecturer in Statistics and Operational Research, Edinburgh University, 1996-7

Research Assistant, Swansea University, 1994-6.

Other Projects

Dr Jonathan Thompson has also completed projects with several companies including WH Smiths, John Menzies and the International Rugby Board. He is an active researcher in the areas of heuristics, and particularly in timetabling, manpower planning and scheduling. He has recently extended his research to vehicle routing problems and in particular, real time routing. He is currently a member of the organising committee of the OR49 conference held in Edinburgh this September. He has organised several streams on scheduling at OR conferences. He is on the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Operational Research and on the Programme Committee for several conferences such as GECCO, PPSN and PATAT.