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Dr Kirill Cherednichenko


Dr Kirill Cherednichenko Position: Senior Lecturer Email:
Telephone: +44(0)29 208 75540
Fax: +44(0)29 208 74199
Extension: 75540
Location: M/2.19

Research Group

Applied Mathematics

Analysis and Differential Equations



Spring Semester
MA2005 Ordinary Differential Equations

MA3304 Methods of Applied Mathematics

Personal Website

Dr Kirill Cherednichenko's Personal Website




My research interests are in the mathematical theory of homogenisation and the broader area of the analysis of problems in continuous mechanics and materials science. The analytical tools I use range from asymptotics to the calculus of variations, depending on the nature of the problem. The idea that gives a handle to treat the problem mathematically is to determine what length-scales are important in the behaviour of the material. After this, the main challenge is to develop mathematical tools that suitably capture the postulated length-scale interactions.

More details of my research can be found on my personal webpage.