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Law and Politics

Co-ordinating Lecturer- Jan Stephens

We hope you find the courses interesting and challenging, and that you enjoy your learning at the Centre

The range of courses in Politics and Law will enable you to understand and challenge how we are governed in Wales.

The legal systems of the UK and EU are also made highly accessible through our introductory courses.

We are very excited to launch the new Pathway to Politics and International Relations.

The model of the Pathway means that students can achieve their 60 credits in one or two years before they progress to their destination School.

All of the courses offered in the Politics and Law section provide opportunities to study issues which affect us all – our highly skilled tutors will help you enjoy learning about these very complex areas of study.

For students considering an in-depth approach to their studies, there is the chance to work towards the Foundation Certificate in Legal Studies (60 credits), or have a look at the New Pathway to Politics and Law.

Learn more about a Pathway to a degree in Politics and International Relations.

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Law and Politics Courses

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