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KTP is a three way partnership

KTPS provide graduates with the opportunity to be the key driver on a company’s strategic project, central to a company's strategic development and long-term growth. 

Typical projects you could encounter as a KTP Associate, depending on your qualifications, include designing and introducing new or improved products or processes, re-organising production facilities, introducing improved quality systems and technology, or developing and implementing marketing strategies to break into new markets.You will be employed by Cardiff University, but work in the business to manage the project. Whilst transferring knowledge from the University you will also apply your own knowledge into the business and vice versa.

KTP has worked with over 3,000 organisations from micro-sized companies to large companies such as Balfour Beatty, Ford and Johnson & Johnson.


You will be a qualified person such as a graduate or postgraduate in any academic discipline.


  •   Fast track career development opportunities
  •   Competitive salary
  •   Employment within chosen academic discipline
  •   Best of both worlds working with academia and industry
  •   Training and Development
  •   Opportunity to register for higher degree during project
  •   75% are offered employment by host company

Cardiff KTP Associates often go on to management positions within industry. We have had a number of projects that have won the National KTP competition, such as Louise Canon.


If you want to apply your degree, start a ‘real’ job straight away and gain a professional qualification, then a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) is what you’re looking for. For more information, and to register interest, Click to go to the UK KTP website

(This is the national website of the KTP organisation. To return to Cardiff University's KTP website, you will need to hit the "Back" button on your browser).