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Dr Claire Wardle

Dr Claire Wardle

BA (Hull), MA (Pennsylvania), PhD (Pennsylvania)

Position: Honorary Lecturer


Telephone: +44(0)29 208 74509 (Via School)



Refereed Journal Articles

(Forthcoming). Co-authored with Bethany Klein, “These Two Are Speaking Welsh on Channel 4!”: Welsh Representations and Cultural Tensions on Big Brother 7, Television and New Media.

(2007) "Monsters and Angels: Visual Press Coverage of Child Murders in the US and UK, 1930-1990",Journalism, 8 (4): 281-302.

(2006) “It Could Be You: The Move Towards ‘Personal’ and ‘Societal’ Narratives in Newspaper Coverage of Child Murder, 1930-2000” Journalism Studies, 7 (4): 515-533.

(2005) Co-authored with Rachel Gans-Boriskin, “Mad or Bad? Negotiating the Boundaries of Mental Illness on Law & Order”, Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture, 12 (1): 26-46

(2004) Co-authored with Rachel Gans-Boriskin, “Who Deserves to Die? Discussions of the Death Penalty in Prime-time Television” Journal of Crime, Conflict and Media Culture, 3 (1): 68-88.

(2004) Co-authored with Emily West, “The Press as Agents of Nationalism in the Queen’s Golden Jubilee: How British Newspapers Celebrated a Media Event” European Journal of Communication 19 (2): 195-214

(2003) “The Unabomber vs. The Nailbomber: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Two Murder Trials”Journalism Studies, 4 (2):239-251

(2003) Co-authored with Kathleen Jamieson, Kelli Lammie and Susan Krutt “Questions About Hypotheticals and Details in Reporting on Anthrax” Journal of Health Communication, Volume 8 : 121-123

(2001) Wardle, C., Kenski, K., Orr D. and Jamieson, K., (2001) “Voter News Service and the 2000 Election”, American Behavioural Scientist, 44 (12): 2306-2313.

Other Publications

(Forthcoming). ‘Crime Reporting’ in Tearing Newspapers Apart, edited by Bob Franklin, London: Routledge.

(Forthcoming). Crime Reporting. 2000-word entry for ICA Encyclopedia of Communication. New York: Blackwell. Draft submitted September 15, 2006.