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RSS Feeds

What are feeds?

Feeds, or news feeds, are often referred to as RSS feeds. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. These feeds allow you to read news and other published items as soon as they are published without having to visit the websites publishing the items.

How do feeds work?

News feeds are generally read using a piece of software called a news reader. This automatically checks each of the feeds and allows you to read the items that have been published. Some news readers are accessed via browsers and others are applications which are installed on your computer.

How do I use feeds?

There are feeds for each of the vacancy types (Academic Vacancies, Managerial, Professional & Specialist Vacancies etc.) and for each of the Schools and Divisions.

To subscribe to a feed, simply click on the RSS Icon icon whenever available. Once the feed is added to your reader, you will receive a feed for the content you have subscribed to.

You can subscribe to as many feeds as you wish in this way.


If you are a Cardiff University student or member of staff, remember it is possible to add RSS feeds to your MWE portal. More information on doing this can be found on the MWE Help pages.

Using RSS in the Portal screencast


RSS Feeds