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Applicant How To Guide

Cardiff University Guidance for Applicants

Top tips:

  1. Ensure that you provide us with your email address, and that you keep this up to date in your profile details. All correspondence will be sent to you via email, and we cannot be held responsible if you do not receive important information due to an email address not having been changed on the system.
  2. Ensure you have completed all mandatory fields correctly in the application, as the system will not progress your application through the various stages.
  3. Ensure you use the supporting statements to demonstrate and evidence that you meet the person specification for the post, as you will not be invited for interview unless you have done so.
  4. Ensure that you maintain the email addresses for your referees for all applications, as all correspondence to them will be via email.
  5. Remember to check the status of your application on the candidate gateway, under the link ‘Application Submission Status’

Thank you for your interest in working at Cardiff University. The University is unable to accept paper applications and encourages all candidates to apply using the online system. The system is a much quicker, secure way in which to make an application to the University.

Our online recruitment system will guide you through the application process. As you progress from screen to screen, you will have the opportunity to save each page, and exit from and return to your application at any point prior to the closing date of the post.

The highlighted section at the top of the page will indicate where you are at any point in the application process, and confirm when each section has been completed.

If you feel that your ability to complete the application using the online system is affected due to a disability, impairment or long-term health condition, please contact the People Service Centre Helpdesk on 029 2087 9777 or email, so that we may discuss how best to proceed with your application.

Searching for Jobs

The search function is found on the Welcome Page under the ‘Search Openings’ link, and provides you with the opportunity to search for Cardiff University vacancies, using options such as keywords, Job Titles, Reference Numbers, Job Category, School / Directorate and Career Pathway.

You may also use create a Search that will alert you if a vacancy is posted that meets your requirements. This can be undertaken in two ways:

1. By creating a ‘Search Agent’. You must go to the page showing all current Cardiff University vacancies and click on the ‘Create Search Agent’ button. This page allows you to select the criteria that you wish to search on eg ‘Research posts’ and allows us to notify you on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, of open vacancies that specifically meet your search criteria.

Search agents automatically expire 90 days after their creation or renewal date. You can renew active search agents by clicking on the ‘search agent manager’ link and clicking on the renew button.

You do not require a login to search Cardiff University vacancies, but will be required to create an account if you wish to proceed with an application

2. By creating a ‘Job Match’. At the bottom of the ‘Search Opening’ page, you can input free text or upload your ideal job description, CV, or covering letter, to give details of your specific skills and competencies, which can then be searched against our current vacancies.

How to view the vacancy details

If you find a vacancy that suits your requirements, tick the box next to the Job Title and click ‘View Job’ in order to view the specific details of the role. These details will include Job Description, Person Specification, Salary Details, and Post Closing Date etc.

Applying for a vacancy

If you already have a user account and decide that you wish to apply for a vacancy, click ‘apply for job’ and proceed to the application section. If you have not previously used the system, you will need to create your user account. A box will pop up on the screen and you will need to click ‘Create a login’. The Data Privacy Policy box then pops up and you will need to accept this statement if you are to proceed further into the system and apply for a job. The ‘Create login’ screen will now appear and you will be asked to enter your email address, a password, a security question and the answer to that security question. Tips on choosing a password are also available on this screen. Once you have submitted this information, you will be taken to the Welcome Page, where you may continue to search and apply for Cardiff University vacancies. It is important to remember that the username and password are case sensitive,

Privacy Policy

You will need to read and agree to the Privacy Policy before you can create a user account within the system. The Policy and terms and conditions provide you with details of what personal and confidential information the University collects and how it is used once this has been collected and stored. If you would like further information regarding the use of your personal data, please use the contact details available.

Consideration for Future Vacancies - Talent Pools

On the first screen of the application, you will be asked if you wish to be considered for future posts. If you agree to this, your details will become available for searching, and if appropriate, you may be invited to apply for open posts in the University that may be relevant to your specific skills and experience. If you would prefer not to have your details searched or do not want to be contacted by the University, you should tick no to this question.

Completing your application

If you have registered as a user and applied for previous vacancies, any information that you will have entered at that time will automatically be populated into the relevant sections of the new application. You must be aware that you will need to review any pre-populated information included in the personal statement section to ensure that it remains relevant to the post for which you are applying.

You have the opportunity to upload up to 5 versions of your CV onto the system, and also upload supporting attachments for each application you make. Any other documents that you believe to be relevant to your application may be uploaded, but each document must be a maximum file size of 5MB.

Please scroll down each page of the application to ensure that you complete all relevant sections.

Certificate of Sponsorship / Evidence of permission to work in the UK

Cardiff University has a responsibility to check that all its employees are eligible to live and work in the UK.

You will be asked if you are eligible to live and work in the UK. If you are subject to Immigration Control, a series of additional questions will appear in relation to your eligibility to work within the UK.

Cardiff University is proud to hold an A rated sponsor license to assign certificates of sponsorship where a job is deemed suitable under the points based system.

Further information on Certificates of Sponsorship, License holders responsibilities and Job suitability can be obtained at the Home Office website:

Useful information on living and working on the UK can be found at:

We offer a one-stop shop, support system for anyone moving to the UK to take up an appointment at Cardiff University. At you will find advice on living in the UK and Cardiff, local accommodation, essentials for your first few weeks and lots of other useful information.

Employment Status

You will be asked at this stage if you are a Cardiff University employee, to ensure that you are applying via the appropriate Talent Gateway, either ‘Redeployment’ or ‘External’.

If you are a redeployment candidate attempting to apply within the external talent gateway, you will be asked to leave the browser and enter the redeployment gateway to apply. Links to the redeployment web pages will be provided to you via email.

CV and Supporting Attachments

The Supporting Statement and CV will be assessed by the recruiter against the person specification for the role. It is essential that you use this opportunity to demonstrate exactly how you meet the person specification.

MSWord, Rich Text Format (RTF) and PDF document formats are all supported. Any attachments uploaded in these formats will always be considered as part of your application.

You are able to attach documents in other formats eg examples of work in software regularly used within your particular discipline, but the University cannot guarantee that the department recruiting to the vacancy will have the relevant software to access your attachment.

Personal Details

You should complete all personal details boxes if possible. Those boxes marked with an asterisk are mandatory fields and must be completed if you are to proceed with your application.

The information provided here and on following pages, will be available to you for use in future applications and need not be entered again. However, it may be edited at any time.

Employment / Career History

This section is for recording past employees and roles. You may input the details of 5 previous jobs in this section.

Starting with your current or most recent employer, provide details of your complete work history over the last 10 years (or since leaving school if more appropriate).

You should complete each box eg Position or Job Title, Organisation Name, start year and end year of employment. If you need to input more than one set of employer details, click ‘add’ and a new line will appear. You can input a maximum of 5 past employers.

When listing your employment history, you may include paid employment, voluntary work or work experience. You should also include entries for any periods when you were not employed eg in full-time education, unemployed, maternity leave etc.

Membership of Professional Bodies

Also within this screen, you will also be asked to provide details of any professional memberships that you hold. You should detail information on any relevant professional affiliations and/or registrations. Again, proof of membership may be sought prior to employment.

Education & Qualifications History

This section will record institutions at which you have studied and the qualifications awarded. You may have a maximum of 3 institutions in this section.

Starting with the most recent qualification awarded, give details of the University or Educational Institution attended, Subject or Area of study, Qualification awarded, and the year of award.

If you require more than one record, click ‘add’ and another line will appear. A maximum of 3 Educational Institutions may be added in this section.

Provide details of any qualifications for which you are currently studying or awaiting results and the anticipated date of completion.

You will be asked to provide proof of qualifications achieved if you are offered employment at the University.

You may amend the records for your Personal Details, Career and Education History at any time, by either clicking on ‘edit’ and ‘update’ as you complete an application, or by visiting the ‘Edit Profile’ link in the candidate homepage and choosing the tab that requires amending and saving.

Referee Information

You must provide details of 2 referees in this section.

Referees will be contacted by email, so it is essential that you provide us with an email address for each referee. If your referee does not have an email account put an ‘@’ symbol in the email field and include a note in your Supporting Statement to draw the recruiter’s attention to this fact. The recruiter will then contact your referee by phone or letter.

Referees must be individuals who know you in a professional capacity, and who can comment on your past employment and your recent work performance in relation to the selection criteria. It is therefore expected, that at least 1 referee be your current or last employer.

If you have just completed full-time education, your course tutor or other academic staff member familiar with your work, could be selected.

Family members or personal friends should not be named as referees.

For academic vacancies It is University policy to contact referees to inform them of the recruitment process prior to interview. For all other vacancies, references will normally be taken up at appointment. You may stipulate that contact with your referees is delayed until after the interview by clicking this as an option from the drop down box.

Additional Information

In this section of the application, you will be asked if your application is for a Clinical Post (which is a mandatory field). If you tick yes to this, a new window will appear with questions relating specifically to Clinical Posts. Please complete this section if you are applying for posts which require you to be registered with the General Medical Council, the General Dental Council, the Nursing and Midwifery Council and all allied health professionals.

You will also need to give your current notice period in this section, as well as state where you saw the vacancy advertised.

Monitoring Information

The University is committed to a policy of equal opportunity in its employment practices. The aim of the policy is to eliminate unlawful and unfair discrimination on any grounds including gender, ethnicity, age and disability.

This screen will collect equal opportunity information, and consists of an easy to follow set of questions. All fields are mandatory, and you do have the option to answer ‘prefer not to say’, for some questions.

The information submitted here will not be used in the selection process, is not available to anyone involved in short listing and is treated as strictly confidential.

Submitting your application

We would suggest reviewing, or printing your application prior to submission, as your application will not be available to view or amend once you have clicked the ‘submit’ button. Once you have submitted your application, you will receive the following system message. ‘Thank you. Your application has been successfully submitted. You will be contacted via email once your application has been processed’. Alternatively, you can check that your application has been received and processed by clicking on the ‘Application Submission Status’ link on the candidate homepage. The application status will show up as ‘New Candidate’. Any saved applications that you may have been working on can be found on the candidate homepage, under the ‘Saved drafts’ link. Just click on the continue button alongside your draft to enter the application at the point at which you left it.

Applying for other positions

Once you have logged into the system and applied for a job, the system will retain your data. This means that you will not have to re-enter all data for future applications. Details such as Personal Details, Career, Education, Referees and Monitoring Information will remain on the system until such time that you may need to amend them. Remember that any supporting documentation previously used, will need to be amended and made relevant to each post that you apply for.

Withdrawing an application following submission

If you discover that you have made an error following submission of your application, that may have a detrimental effect on you possibly being shortlisted for that post, you are able to withdraw that application by going to ‘Application Submission Status’ and clicking the withdraw button for that post. If the closing date has not passed, you may then resubmit your application.

Please note that if you withdraw your application once the vacancy has passed its closing date you will not be able to resubmit your application for this job and will have prevented yourself from being considered for the role

If you discover an error on the documents submitted with your application that you wish to amend, please contact with a new version of the document you want to attach to your application. Please note: amendments to your application cannot be made after the deadline of the applied vacancy.

Closing dates for Posts

All posts will close at midnight on the closing date. You will need to ensure that your application is complete and has been submitted by this time, as incomplete or late applications will not be accepted into the selection process. The University reserves the right to close a vacancy early, We recommend that applications are submitted well in advance of the closing date and as soon as possible during the recruitment process.


You will be informed of progress to your application by emails which will be sent to your user account and to the email address you use to login. You can access any received emails in your user account by clicking on the ‘Communications’ link in the candidate homepage.


Short listing begins at the point that you submit your application to the online system. Applications will be reviewed by a panel, who will consider whether the application has clearly evidenced that it meets the person specification criteria for the post.


If you are unsuccessful in obtaining an interview, you will receive an email notification from us as soon as the short listing process has been completed. Cardiff University receives thousands of applications every year, and regrettably, is unable to provide feedback to applicants on an individual basis, prior to the interview stage.


It is expected that interviews will usually take place within 4 weeks of the closing date.

If you are selected for an interview, you will be sent an email to your user account inviting you to book an interview slot, although on occasion, a time may have already been selected for you by the recruiter responsible for the vacancy.

If you are invited to book an interview slot, you may do this in two ways. Firstly, by clicking on the elink in the email invitation, or alternatively by logging into your user account and clicking on the ‘Event Invitations’ link. If you click on the event, all available time slots will appear to you. Once you have chosen a suitable time slot, you will receive an email notification that this has been accepted and confirmed. In this email, you will also receive the details of your interview, such as location, and whether a presentation or test will be required.

Secondly, you may be offered a time timeslo

If you require any adjustments to enable you to attend an interview or participate in the selection process, please inform the recruiter dealing with the post.

If you do not book your slot within the specified number of days, you will receive a further email from us, to remind you that you have not done so. You must be aware, that by this point, your choice of interview times may be limited.

Please note: We cannot guarantee there will be another interview time available for you, therefore please try to fit yourself into the available slots.

Offer of Employment

Following the interview process, the successful candidate will be contacted by a member of the panel, usually the Chair, and informed that a recommendation that they be offered the post be made. A contract of employment will be produced by the Human Resources Division.

Rehabilitation of Offenders/Criminal Records Bureau

A criminal conviction will not necessarily be a bar to employment. Cardiff University complies with the Criminal Records Bureau’s Code of Practice and will consider the suitability of all applicants on merit and ability.

The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 entitles people who have been convicted of a criminal offence carrying a sentence of up to 30 months’ imprisonment and who have completed the appropriate period of rehabilitation to regard their conviction as ‘spent’. ‘Spent convictions’ can then be regarded as never having occurred.

The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975, however, exempts certain types of employment from the provisions of the Act. So, if you are applying for a clinical post, a post in the Daycare Centre, a post which requires that you are a full member of one of the CCAB accountancy institutes, or any other excepted post, you are not entitled to withhold information about spent convictions.

In addition, the Police Act 1997 requires Police checks for all posts that come into contact with under 18s and vulnerable adults on a regular basis. Appointment to all such posts will require the postholder to undergo checks by the Criminal Records Bureau before commencing any duties which could bring them into contact with children and/or vulnerable adults.

Any information disclosed will be kept in strict confidence and used only in consideration of your suitability for the job for which you are applying. If you fail to disclose relevant information requested at any stage of the recruitment process, then your employment could be subject to withdrawal of contract, dismissal or disciplinary action by the University.

Further Information

For further information on the University and what it has to offer its employees, please visit the following:

Contact us

If you are having technical problems using the system, or difficulties completing the application, please contact the Shared Services Helpdesk on 029 2087 9777 or by email at