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Coming soon to an IT room near you… 'Take a Break'

6 January 2014

Take a Break

Information Services is introducing a new system to help free up locked PCs in the Open Access rooms in the libraries and Julian Hodge Study Centre.

The new 'Take a Break' icon has been introduced on the desktop of Open Access PCs across the University from Monday 6th January.

Clicking on the 'Take a Break' icon will lock your PC and show a countdown clock on the screen - you'll then have 20 minutes to return and login to the PC. If you don't return in this time, you'll be logged out, and the PC will reboot before returning to the usual login screen.

If a PC is left without being locked or starting 'Take a Break', the computer will automatically lock after ten minutes of inactivity, and the 20 minute countdown clock will show on the screen. Again, you’ll have 20 minutes to return and login before the PC automatically logs you out and reboots. This automatic 'lock' will help protect student accounts and data from unauthorised access via an unlocked PC.

Any unsaved (other than autosaved) work will be lost if you are automatically logged off the system. It is vital that you save your work regularly - especially before you leave the PC, even for a short period of time.

Andy Coleman, Business Services Manager, explained: "We've had a lot of feedback from students who are frustrated at unoccupied workstations being left logged in at busy times, preventing other students from using them. Introducing the automatic lock and subsequent log-off will help protect students who may leave a workstation unattended, and subsequently free up these PCs, ensuring as many computers as possible are available for use."

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