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Library Review: the 21st Century Library

New computer bar in Trevithick Library

Cardiff University aims to provide a world-leading education for its students and to be at the cutting edge of research.

The University also wishes to enrich its local community and to benefit the people of Wales. We want to attract and produce the best people in all we do. Cardiff needs to demonstrate to the world at large that it is an energetic, vibrant university on an upward trajectory. One way to achieve this is to develop the physical and virtual estate, providing the University with truly world-class facilities which make people proud to study in Cardiff.

Our teaching, learning and research environments should be of the highest quality, encouraging independent and collaborative work to bring out the potential in all learners and researchers. A key part of this aspiration is to provide world-class libraries rich in resources, in the abilities of their staff to support academic work and in the flexibility of space to suit all learning needs, including those which cross over traditional disciplines.

You can view the Library Review Reports including Phase 1 (Cathays Park Campus) and Phase 2 (Heath Park Campus).  Cardiff University members may also review the Papers of the Library Review Project Board, which met from 2006-2009 (log in with your network username and password).  The Board oversaw the many projects arising from the Library Review, the majority of which have now been successfully completed: follow the links on the left to keep up-to-date with these and further developments in the Library Review.

Please send us your comments on the Library Review by emailing We look forward to hearing your views!