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Ifor B. Powell collection (20th C.)

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The personal library of political pamphlets and press cuttings collected by Ifor B. Powell, previous professor in London and Cardiff, covering his interests in the League of Nations, south east Asia, and other topics; mainly for the inter war years, plus some mid 20th century material. A printed handlist of the collection is held in the Library.

A few of the pamphlets are from the First World War period but a considerable number belong to the inter-war years; these are of League of Nations or League of Nations Union origin. There are also some Chatham House (Royal Institute of International Affairs) Information Papers dealing with colonial questions in the same period. The months immediately preceding the outbreak of the Second World War are covered in an American review of world affairs called Events and in the Chatham House publication, Bulletin of International News. Other pamphlets relate to United States government, politics and foreign policy. There are a dozen or so papers published between 1960 and 1965 by the South African Institute of International Affairs on South African problems. There is an almost complete run of the fortnightly Reports of the Foreign Policy Association of the USA for 1945-1951. There are also a few issues of the other F.P.A. publication, the Bulletin. In addition, there are many booklets and pamphlets on Far Eastern questions in the inter-war years and since 1945. Press cuttings included in the collection cover the period from just after the First World War until 1972 and are mainly from The Times. Those about the USA are from the New York Times, Time, and New Republic.

Date range: 1910s-1970s

Significance: Significant in Wales

Size: c. 1,000 pamphlets, plus press cuttings.

Language:  English

Keywords:  Politics, League of Nations, Europe, South east Asia.

Notes: Personal papers of Ifor B. Powell are held at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London.