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We are a stand-alone Library closely integrated with our school, but under the site-head of Duncan Montgomery, Site Librarian for the Arts & Social Studies Library. Here is a broad description of the duties for my role as Subject Librarian:Develop and expand the Library's web-presence and electronic resourcesDevelop and manage the Library's collections and storageDevelop and implement the Library's Information Literacy programmeProvide personal enquiry assistance to the School's staff and studentsForge working partnerships with the School, other libraries, and the communityPromote and publicise the Music Library's many resourcesThe Music Library has been said to have one of the largest circulating CD collections of any academic music library in the UK. In addition to CDs we also own a very large LP collection, DVDs, audio cassettes, videos, music scores, microform, CD-ROMs, online resources, and many, many books. Until this summer, we also oversaw several Special Collections, which have recently been relocated to the University Archives at SCOLAR (Special Collections and Archives). Researchers from all over the world write to us requesting photocopies of rare manuscripts, and publishers write to request copyright permission for books which include photographs of our materials, or excerpts from items originally published by the University Cardiff College Press.In addition to researchers in and out of the University, we also provide services for the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama (with whom we have a reciprocal borrowing agreement), Cardiff-based music enthusiasts and performers, and are even called upon by professionals in the television and film industries.I have been in this position since November 2007, and I absolutely love my job. It's very exciting to be able to combine my teaching, leadership, organisational, communication, and creative problem-solving skills with my great passion for public service and music. In 2001 I received a BA in Voice and Composition from Bennington College in Bennington, Vermont, which is located in the New England region of the United States. I began my Master of Information and Library Science degree at the School of Information, University of Michigan in 2004, and in 2006 I received my MLIS degree from the Library and Information Science Program at Wayne State University, in Detroit, Michigan. My office is in the Music Library, and I can usually be found there 9am-5pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. There are five committees in the School of Music that I'm invited to attend:Information and Technology CommitteePostgraduate Research Board of StudiesPostgraduate Taught Board of StudiesUndergraduate Board of StudiesStudent-Staff PanelsWithin the University Library Service, I'm currently a member of one committee: Library Technology GroupAs a Subject Librarian, I attend the University Library Service Briefing meetings. The Music Library Staff also have their own monthly staff meetings. Outside of Cardiff University, I am a member of the Conference Committee for the International Association of Music Libraries in the UK and Ireland.For my first two years at the University, I kept my hand in music by singing with the BBC National Chorus of Wales, and when visiting my native Los Angeles, I gave concerts for the residents of a long-term care facility. For the past year though, I have been enjoying some quiet time while I settle into my new home in Bridgend with my husband Mark and my cat, Dewi. I enjoy listening to independent folk, rock, and pop from the 1990s, and I enjoy performing Art Song repertoire 1890 to present.]]> create_link 19638 [[output://create_Data_Record_DoveC.assetid]] 0 8 override::paint_layout::system::frontend 0 0 link_notice_DoveC_to_8318 create_link 8318 [[output://create_Data_Record_DoveC.assetid]] 0 8 design::system::frontend 0 0