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IT Facilities for Welsh Speakers

Windows 7 in Welsh

Welsh speakers can access Windows 7 in Welsh on any networked Windows 7 PC. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  • Click on Start > Control Panel
  • Click 'Clock, Language, and Region'
  • Under 'Region and Language', click 'Change Display Language'. From the drop-down list under 'Choose a display language' select Cymraeg. You will need to log-off for the settings to take effect.


Screenshot showing how to change the display language in Windows 7


Changing the keyboard to enable Welsh characters

To change the keyboard to enable Welsh characters, click 'Change keyboards…' and select the following from the drop-down list:

(Welsh – (United Kingdom) – United Kingdom Extended) and click Apply.

The Welsh language keyboard allows you to input the characters ŵ and ŷ using the following keyboard combination:

Alt Gr and ^ (number 6) keys, followed by w, y, W or Y.

Any changes you make to 'Region and Language' settings will be applied to any networked Windows 7 PC you subsequently use.

Welsh software on networked computers – Cysgliad

Cysgliad is a software package that includes a Welsh spelling and grammar checker, thesaurus and pop up dictionary.

To install Cysgliad:

Run Cysgliad from the Cymraeg menu (CardiffApps > Cymraeg)

When the installation has completed, from the Windows Start Menu open the following in turn:

Start > All Programs > Cysgliad > Cysgeir

Start > All Programs > Cysgliad > Cysill 3.0

When you open Word 2010 you will find that Gwirio Dogfen and Cysgeir will have been added to the Review tab, along with Thesawrws and Gwirio Gair.

If you have Word 2013 installed, then you should also run Add Welsh Spell Checker Addin to Word 2013 which is available under CardiffApps > Cymraeg.