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Windows Service - Software and Support

Windows 7 is the latest Windows service for Cardiff University.


Windows XP - end of support

Microsoft is withdrawing support for Windows XP from 8th April 2014. After this date, there will be no new updates from Microsoft, exposing the University to increased risk from virus and malware. It is strongly advised that you do not continue to run an XP machine after this date.  

Find out more on the Information Security Framework blog.

Contact your Local Computing Representative or the IT Service Desk for advice about upgrading your operating system.


Please use the links below to find information related to both Windows services:


Windows Service Support Policy

INSRV Support Policy

Fully supported by INSRV. All hardware and software queries (provided they are not caused by additions or alterations to the standard desktop image) will be fully supported by INSRV.


Microsoft Support Policy


 End of mainstream supportEnd of extended support
Windows 7January 12, 2015January 14, 2020
Windows XPApril 14, 2009April 8, 2014 - find out more

(Please note that Microsoft support dates may be subject to change. Correct at time of publication.)


Software availability

For detailed information about virus protection software, please refer to the security and virus protection web pages.

SPSS for Windows and Mac is available for download via the Cardiff Authenticated Downloads site.


Security vulnerability rating

Comprehensive. Operating system and application security patches fully tested and automatically deployed to all University desktop imaged systems daily. Virus Software fully supported and updated hourly, regular security audits undertaken, unnecessary services disabled and application compatibility testing undertaken prior to release.


Protection of the Cardiff University network

Compromised systems fully investigated by INSRV.  Disconnection from the network likely only in the most extreme cases where disruption to other network users is unacceptable.


INSRV advice

Windows 7 University desktop imaged systems offer the greatest stability, security and protection for the Cardiff University network users.  The burden of software provision, virus protection, security updates and technical support is all provided by INSRV.