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Wireless network for visitors - CU-Visitor WiFi

The visitor wireless access service (CU-Visitor) is a restricted service intended for conference delegates or short-term visitors without access to eduroam. 

The service will provide access from a laptop or mobile device to public web pages and web-based email only; other services and programs may not work.


About CU-Visitor WiFi

Please read the service definition carefully to ensure that you understand the limitations of the service provided

  • CU-Visitor WiFi is a restricted service which is intended to provide access to public web pages and web-based email only. Other services and programs may not work
  • Users of the CU-Visitor WiFi service must have a Cardiff University sponsor before access can be given
  • There is no requirement for any laptop or mobile device to be checked, configured or registered for use on the service
  • Usage of CU-Visitor WiFi is entirely at the risk of the account holder. As such, we strongly recommend that the laptop has up-to-date anti-virus and all security updates applied before using the service
  • Accounts will be enabled for a fixed period at the time they are created, to be determined by the administrator of the account. The period can be set at one day or seven days, with the usage period initiating at first login
  • University IT will monitor the use of these accounts in Schools/Departments to ensure that they are only used for "invited guests" (see Who is eligible to use CU-Visitor WiFi?, below)
  • Use of the Cardiff University wireless network is subject to University IT and Library services regulations
  • In accordance with the Regulation of Investigatory Powers (RIP) Act 2000, the University may routinely monitor information systems to assure the continued integrity and security of the University's systems and users' compliance with the law. Disclosure of the content of messages and other data will only be undertaken with the specific authorisation of the Vice-Chancellor, or nominee, on the evidence of good cause
  • Accounts unused after 28 days following the creation date will be deleted
  • A login screen will clearly set out the entitlements of the visitor user and the terms of usage of the account
  • The service will NOT be Shibboleth-enabled, and nor will it provide Single-Sign-On via the intranet
  • Account holders are not permitted to access or attempt to access any electronic resources for which Cardiff University holds a license
  • The accounts will not enable a user to log on to a University managed workstation
  • This service uses a Cardiff University IP address

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Who is eligible to use CU-Visitor WiFi?

A number of categories of potential users have been identified, and these are listed below, along with their current entitlements. These will be kept under review, and additional categories may be identified in the future.

  • Delegates at conferences organised by members of Cardiff University in line with Cardiff University's publicly funded remit - Yes, for the duration of the conference, unless this is longer than one week
  • Delegates at externally-organised conferences which have no connection with Cardiff University's publicly funded remit – No
  • Members of commercial organisations and public bodies in the University by invitation – Yes, for the duration of the invitation, unless this is longer than one week
  • Alumni – Not yet; specific provisions may be enacted in the future
  • Prospective students – No – once students enrol (online), their normal network account will be enabled. Note that prospective students can elect to enrol early
  • Members of educational institutions that have signed up to the eduroam service – No, unless such members encounter a problem accessing eduroam from Cardiff University
  • Visitors to the University for more than one week – No. Such visitors should apply to their home School/Directorate for alternative accounts
  • Walk-in users – No

Non-conference users

Visitor/user type eduroam CU-Visitor WiFi
Cardiff University staffYESNO
Cardiff University studentsYESNO
Sponsored academic visitors*YES **YES
Sponsored non-academic visitors*NOYES
Non-sponsored visitorsNONO


Conference users

Conference visitor Conference type eduroam CU-Visitor WiFi
Academic visitor*AnyYES **YES
Non-academic visitor*AcademicNOYES
Non-academic visitorNon-academicNONO

* Visitor wireless accounts are only appropriate for users requiring access for fewer than 7 days. If you need access for longer than 7 days, please contact your Local Computing Representative or conference organiser

** Recommended

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Where to obtain a username and password

Conference delegates – Please contact your conference organiser.

Sponsored guests – Please contact your Cardiff University sponsor within the School or Department you are visiting.

If you are unable to contact, or are unsure of your Visitor Wireless Administrator, please contact the IT Service Desk

Note: Once accounts are created, they should be usable instantly.

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