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IT Service Desk service commitments

  • To maintain a consistent, high quality call handling service throughout Information Services;
  • To aim to resolve at least 70% of queries at the point of the call;
  • To ensure that all IT Service Desk staff are appropriately trained and up-to-date with current issues;
  • To ensure that the IT Service Desk is well staffed during core hours;
  • To ensure that telephone queries are answered within six rings, with an answer phone service available during periods of high demand;
  • To ensure that answer machine messages are heard and responded to within a maximum of one hour of receipt during core hours;
  • To ensure that emails to the IT Service Desk are read and responded to within a maximum of one hour of receipt during core hours;
  • To ensure that the customer is advised of their individual IT Service Desk call reference number;
  • To ensure that the nature of the enquiry is correctly identified and contains relevant, accurate information;
  • To ensure that call referrals within Information Services, to other departments or divisions, and to outside organisations, are made as appropriate and in a timely manner;
  • To ensure that calls referred to specialist teams are continually monitored to ensure ownership and timely response;
  • To ensure that the customer is kept informed about the progress of their enquiry. We will communicate at least twice during the lifecycle of your call with further communication as appropriate to the priority of the call;
  • To ensure sensitive and confidential queries are reported in line with the appropriate procedure;
  • To quality check a random sample of logged calls each month to ensure that our objectives are being met;
  • To produce high quality reports on key performance indicators in order to target services more effectively and deliver appropriate training;
  • To provide and maintain relevant, up-to-date sources of information e.g the insrvStatus web page;
  • To provide a regular mechanism for complaints and feedback as a positive process of service improvement and quality assurance;
  • To achieve at least 95% of customer satisfaction with relevant IT support related questions in the Information Services survey which takes place every three years;
  • To provide a customer satisfaction survey in addition to the Information Services survey and to act on feedback received in the survey for continued IT Service Desk improvement.

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