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Local Computing Representatives

Each School has nominated a Local Computing Representative to act as a formal link between the School and the Information Services Directorate on IT matters. 

College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences


Academic SchoolAcronymRepresentativesEmail

Mr P Webber

Mr L Vallis

English, Communication and PhilosophyENCAP

Mr D Burnett

Mr N Heslop
European Languages, Translation and PoliticsEUROPMr M
History, Archaeology and ReligionSHAREMr A
Journalism, Media and Cultural StudiesJOMECMr C

Mr Z Khan

Mr D Crowther 

Lifelong LearningLEARNMrs T
Planning and GeographyCPLAN

Mrs G Bousie

Mr G Evans 

Social SciencesSOCSI

Mr S Donaldson

Z Kind 


College of Biomedical & Life Sciences


Academic SchoolAcronymRepresentativeEmail

Mr K Munn

Mr S Adams

DentistryDENTLMrs C
Healthcare SciencesHCAREMr M

Mr T Cross

Mr B Rowett
Optometry and Vision SciencesOPTOMMr S
Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical SciencesPHRMYDr A
Postgraduate Medical and Dental EducationPGMDE

Mr I Thorburn

Mrs C James


Mr H Jay

Mrs L Morris 

College of Physical Sciences & Engineering


Academic SchoolAcronymRepresentativeEmail
ArchitectureARCHIMr J
ChemistryCHEMYDr N
Computer Science and InformaticsCOMSCMr R
Earth and Ocean SciencesEARTHMr A
EngineeringENGINMr S
MathematicsMATHSMr M
Physics and AstronomyPHYSXDr R

Students' Union


Students' UnionSTUONMr A