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Cardiff University’s Condor pool aims to cater for the high throughput computing needs of a wide range of users based in any of the schools across campus.

Cardiff University’s pool is the second largest pool in the UK with a total of 1600 machines providing a theoretical 1 teraflop of computing power on-demand to the University’s researchers.

Cardiff University’s pool gives you a significant advantage over your competitors in other Universities whilst at the same time saving half a million pounds on dedicated high throughput computing resources.

How Can I Use Condor?

Cardiff University’s pool can be used by researchers based in any of the schools across campus on the proviso that they

  • Write a short summary of your research that we can use to publicise your use of the pool
  • Provide references to journal articles and conference proceedings containing appropriate acknowledgements of your use of the pool

We provide a range of services to assist you in your use of Cardiff University’s pool including one-on-one training and bespoke application development. We are also open to research proposals from other institutions and industry.

For further information contact