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Teleconferencing for staff

Teleconferencing phones that are equipped with a  microphone and speaker in the base can be booked by contacting insrvConnect on extension 74487. These phones allow callers' hands to be free, and allow more than two people to listen and speak during a call.

Internal teleconference

A teleconference call may be set up with up to two other telephones (yourself plus one inside line and one outside line).

To invoke a conference call with an analogue telephone:

  • Dial first number, obtain answer and press recall
  • Dial second number, obtain answer and press recall. Each user dialled is placed 'on hold'
  • When all required numbers are held on the line, dial the conference code (*7) to invoke the conference call.

To invoke a conference call with a digital telephone:

  • Use the digital phone's screen to select the 'Conference' menu item
  • Follow your phone's documentation for this feature.

For conference calls involving more than three people, we recommend you use the BT or 3+ services.

For further internal conference call information, please visit the telephone functions web page

External teleconference

An external teleconferencing service is available from the University's approved supplier, BT.

To access BT's audio conferencing service staff will need to telephone 0800 778877 to book a conference call or use BT's online 'My Meeting Manager'.

Details of BT's teleconference service, account creation and management are available.

To use BT's service, users will need to set up an account with BT if this has not already been done by a member of their School or Directorate.

Staff will need to provide the following information:

  • The date of the phone conference
  • Start time
  • Anticipated duration
  • The number of participants
  • The Chair Person's name
  • Any additional features required
  • Participants' names and telephone numbers if the call is Dial-Out
  • Any billing references or codes required on the invoice

An alternative external teleconferencing service provider, 3+, is also used within the University. Further information on this service can be found on the 3+ website