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Moves, Changes and Fault Reports

Heads of Schools / Departments should submit written request to the Executive Officer, Telecommunications when any moves or changes are required. Form TEL/2 is available for this purpose.

It is usually possible for staff to retain their existing extension number, thereby minimising internal directory changes.

Fault Reporting

Service affecting problems are usually dealt with as a priority and faults will be reported to the maintainers of the system who normally respond on the next working day.

If the fault persists after you have tested your handset and made sure that it is plugged directly into the socket, please contact the switchboard giving the following information:

Extension Number - The number that is faulty together with a contact name and phone number

Room Number - The building and room number of the faulty extension

Socket Reference - The printed number on the socket of the faulty line

Nature of the fault - Please specify fault e.g. No dialling tone, unable to transfer calls, noisy line etc.

Access - The engineer may need to gain access to your room so please let someone know there is a problem with the phone and how the engineer can get into the area

If the handset if faulty, you should report this to the University operator who will make arrangements for a replacement to be sent.

Tel 2

It is essential that directory databases are kept up to date. To this end, each head of department should notify theExecutive Officer, Telecommunications in writing in any of the following circumstances:

  • when a room change occurs
  • when moves and changes are required
  • when telephones are no longer required
  • Forms TEL/2 is available for this purpose.