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Incoming and Outgoing Calls

Incoming Calls

Calls made to the University on the main number of (029) 2087 4000 are answered by the switchboard during day service hours (8.15 am to 5.30 pm Monday to Friday). At other times, calls will be connected to a recorded announcement device. However, external callers may dial extensions directly at all times without operator/Security Centre intervention by replacing the digits 4000 in the main number with the last 4 digits of the 5 digit extension number.

NB. Extension numbers 77*** are non DDI and cannot be dialled directly by external callers.

This facility is known as Direct Dialling Inwards (DDI). For example, extension 4836 may be dialled directly by dialling (029) 2087 4836; extension 76866 may be dialled directly by dialling (029) 2087 6866.

It should be noted that the Direct Dialling Inwards (DDI) facility requires particular attention because:

the limited number of incoming exchange lines will be used more efficiently
and the pressure on University operators will be eased if a high proportion
of incoming calls are dialled directly to the appropriate DDI extension;
there will be a detrimental effect on the University image if incoming external calls are unanswered. It is therefore very important to ensure that:

appropriate DDI extension numbers are placed on all external
external calls are always answered during normal working hours, if
necessary by use of the call forwarding feature.
If incoming calls are not answered (whether they are received directly at the DDI extension or via the University operator), the consequences are:

University operators will be handling the same call 2 or 3 times;
the duration of each incoming call is therefore extended, occupying the
University lines for longer than necessary;
there is a greater possibility that all incoming lines to the University will
become engaged.

Voice Recording of Calls

Certain incoming calls to the Security Centre are recorded. The tapes are used only for the investigation of incidents which may occur from time to time.

Outgoing Calls

Outgoing calls are those which use the public network lines and for which the University therefore incurs a charge. Charges will be passed back to departments.

All outgoing calls must be dialled by the extension user. Levels of access are programmed to extensions in accordance with requests from Heads of Schools / Departments. The University operators have an instruction not to connect any outgoing calls.

Telephone users are asked to observe the following procedure:

Decide whether a phone call is really necessary.
Plan calls to ensure minimum duration.