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Mailing lists

Departments and research groups may request that new mailing lists be created.

Mailing lists can be divided into two types, depending on how people become members of the list.

Distribution lists (Office365)

Distribution lists are used to send newsletter-type messages to members of a restricted community, for example members of a department or project. Distribution lists are managed directly by a list owner who maintains the membership of the list. These can only be used to send to Cardiff University email addresses.

If you wish to set up a distribution list, please contact the IT Service Desk by emailing .

Subscription (Mailman) lists

The second type of list is a subscription list, where individuals join and leave voluntarily by sending email messages to a designated address.

Subscription lists are more suited to groups defined by a common interest where the membership may be expected to vary from day to day and include email addresses external to Cardiff University. Cardiff University currently uses Mailman to for subscription lists.

If you wish to set up a subscription list, please contact the IT Service Desk by emailing .

Mailman is web-based and is described in the following web pages:

List administrator guide to Mailman

List user guides to Mailman