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Requesting the Creation of a Mailing List

Any department or research group within Cardiff University may request the creation of mailing lists in connection with their work.

Before completing this form, please ensure that you have the approval of your Local Computing Representative or Head of Department, since we will contact them for confirmation before creating the list. Mailing lists will not be created for individual members of staff or students.

Please read the accompanying Notes on Subscription Mailing Lists before requesting the creation of a new list.

For a Mailman mailing list, please email the INSRV Service Desk at with the following information:

  • the list name
  • the owner's mail address, corporate form 

(a password will be generated automatically which can be changed by that list owner)

For a Majordomo list, the following extra information is required:

  • the moderator's mail address, if different from the owner
  • the departmental acronym
  • whether it is to be archived or not
  • a proposed password - we will generate one if not included.