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Videoconferencing at Cardiff University

Videoconferencing allows face-to-face dialogue, as well as live presentations, between groups of people at two or more locations. By connecting to other studios in the UK and worldwide, members of the University may take part in remote learning and teaching or other collaborative work, with colleagues in other institutions.

The University currently has several video conference units but only one studio for central use.
This is part of the Welsh Video Network (WVN).
The Videoconference Suite is located in Room 1:20, Ty Dewi Sant, Heath Park Campus. (Please note, wheelchair access is available at this facility.)  
The studio is able to videoconference using IP and / or ISDN6 and is equipped with:

  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Data projector
  • Data-sharing PC
  • Video/DVD player

About the WVN

The WVN is one of the most advanced videoconferencing networks in the world, linking together all Further Education and Higher Education institutions throughout Wales. A range of information is available on the WVN web site, including a selection of guides about using the equipment.

Booking the Studios

The Videoconferencing Studios are available for use by all Departments, Divisions and Schools of Cardiff University and Cardiff and Vale University Health Board. The facilities are not available for hire to external organisations.

Videoconferencing facilities are available on the Heath Park Campus in Ty Dewi Sant and the lecture theatre meeting room in the Dental School. The Norman Whitehouse Lecture Theatre and the Large Lecture Theatre in the Dental School are also equipped for videoconferencing (nb. these venues must be booked via central room bookings).
A mobile video conference unit exists in the Haydn Ellis Building and a fixed unit is located in the Haydn Ellis lecture theatre. A room needs to be booked in the Haydn Ellis Building before a video conference can be set up. Please contact for further details.

Desktop Videoconferencing

Joining a videoconference with a webcam / laptop setup is simplicity itself with a videoconferencing feature available from v-scene.

To participate in a booked videoconference all you need is a desktop or laptop (Windows only) and a webcam and headset with microphone.
Mac users can also participate but using a separate piece of software. Please contact for further details.

For those wishing to join an existing videoconference using a laptop/PC:
You will need to contact the person organising the videoconference, provide your contact details and request that you be invited as a guest. Once the organiser has booked the videoconference and included you as a guest, you will receive an email with a link to a small piece of software you will need to download (only once) and a link to join the conference itself at the appropriate time.

Live Streaming

The University can now offer a live streaming service using the video conference equipment.
This is a suitable tool for distance-learning students who are unable to attend an important lecture. People/students can hear and see the lecture/conference but do not have the facility to take part.

Recording of Video Conferences

Video conferences can now be recorded. You will need to ask for this at time of booking and fill in the 

 and send it to the e-mail below.

Contact details


Phone: 029 206 88145
Extension: From Heath Park: 01798 88145, From Cathays Park: 88145
Additional number: 029 206 88143