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Dr Chris Dickson  -  BSc (Glas), PhD (Wales), MInstLM

Chris Dickson
Position:Senior Consultant - Research and Environmental Development
Telephone:+44(0)29 208 74215
Fax:+44(0)29 208 74285
Extension:From Cathays campus 74215, from Heath campus 01798 74215
Location:Information Services Directorate, 42 Park Place, Cardiff University, CF24 4TZ, UK

Email:                    Please use the University Contacts Page

My role is to bring the University's research community together with the IT and information services they need to enable their research.

I work with individual researchers; but I also work with key stakeholders at a more strategic level, to ensure INSRV's (Information Services Directorate's) IT services and processes are aligned with the University's research needs, across the University's research portfolio.

I work very closely with colleagues in INSRV and ARCCA to deliver this, particularly:

  • IT Consultancy and Enablement, who provide two-way liaison services to Schools and Divisions;
  • Kate Bradbury, Senior Consultant for Research Support, within INSRV's University Library Service; and
  • ARCCA, to develop client relationships in the use of advanced research computing, and to help to ensure joined-up research enablement between INSRV and ARCCA;

as well as working with other partners inside and outside the University.

I am also INSRV's Eco/Sustainability Champion, and maintain and develop the University's Sustainability website in partnership with colleagues across the University.