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Seminar Rooms

Each Seminar Room is equipped with an OHP, a Whiteboard/Blackboard, a data projector and an interactive Whiteboard.  To check what additional equipment is in each room, please check with a member of staff from Room Bookings at Tel: 029 208 74057 or 029 208 74815 or contact Presentation Services Technical Support. Should you require any other equipment, please specify this at the time of booking your room.

Main Hospital Building


Ty Dewi Sant

Dental Hospital

Wales Heart Research Institute

New Building

Neuadd Meirionydd


Main Hospital Building

 Child Health Seminar Room

LF1 353

 Council Room


 Foyer Area



7FL 168 


2TB2 33 

 Med Biochemistry


 Medical Computing & Stats

 4F 4.2 2LB4 55 

 Obstetrics & Gynaecology

UGF 247 

 Pathology Left Hand Side

1LB5 78 

 Pathology Right Hand Side

LB5 78A 


2LB5 114 


GL 693 

 Staff Lounge


2FLB4 69/69.1 

 The Alun Roberts Meeting Room

(Vice-Chancellor's Dining Room) 

 Wound Healing

UGTB2 31A 

 Lecture Theatre No 1 

UGF 111 

 Lecture Theatre No 2 

UGF 7/9 

 Lecture Theatre No 3 

UGF 117 

 Lecture Theatre No 4 

GF 48


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Tenovus Building

 Tenovus Lecture Theatre


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Ty Dewi Sant

 GF 10

 GF 14

 GF 15

 1F 1.4

 1F 1.5

 1F 1.13

 1F 1.23

 2F 2.8

 2F 2.10

 2F 2.20

 2F 2.21

 2F 2.22a

 2F 2.22b

 3F 3.3

 3F 3.5

 3F 3.6

 3F 3.15

 3F 3.19

 3F 3.20

 3F 3.20/1

 4F 4.2

 4F 4.4

4F 4.5

4F 4.6

 4F 4.7

 4F 4.8

 Large Lecture Theatre 1F

 Lecture Theatre No 2 Basement



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Dental Hospital

 Foyer Dental School

 Large Lecture Theatre

 Small Lecture Theatre

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Wales Heart Reserch Institute

 WHRI Seminar Room

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New Building









 New Lecture Theatre

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Neuadd Meirionydd







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